Monday, 25 May 2009

Bunster in the Oven

Despite going to bed not in the bestest of moods last night I actually managed to get a good six hours of uninterrupted sleep before Marina started reciting something to herself at half four this morning. Downstairs at five with both of them and still wondering what hub would come out with when he arrived on the scene.

He came down just after six and after about half an hour of realising that I wasn't talking to him he tried to corner me into a cuddle and an apology. I resisted the first one. Can't give in too easily afterall, but relented and accepted apology and cuddle second time round.

We decided, or rather I decided and he agreed on - for lack of any other option in the face of an upset pregnant foreign wife...

Remember the secret slush fund account that I made him pay off? Well, he did but the account was kept open because money for our electricity and phone bills gets paid from his salary into that account every month. Why? Have no idea but something to do with the credit card company giving a rah rah percent discount if paid this way. Anyhoo, there is usually a bit left over every month and I decided (and this was kind of discussed at time slush fund account got discovered and shit hit the fan) that he will get an extra 5000 yen a month (total almost 10,000 month) for misc expenses - not including, ever to be found out about, pachinko. So, the office trip away money can go from there (he's still not going but) as can random occasions when he feels it would be in the best interests of world peace for him to buy his lovely wife some flowers, wine, trips to Guam etc.

This account is NEVER to get into debt again and I expect to be shown a balance slip once a month. So, we will see how this system works for the time being.

He also apologised for the way in which the conversation turned into what it did last night. Despite all my sleep I still managed to pull the teary crying woman thing and got full sympathy. I don't cry (in front of him) very often. In front of a seriously good chick flick, good read or whatever is different but :)

Like this afternoon - with Private Practice with Addison off Grays Anatomy. Today's episode hit home and I lost it a bit. And I'm not talking about the wild sex on the office table. I doubt very much my fat ass would fit on hub's pathetic town office excuse for a desk.

But, I digress.

Today's episode had three babies being delivered and there was some almost believable screams of pain in there. Shit, bugger bugger fuck. I had almost convinced self third baby wouldn't touch the sides and therefore no pain.

Speaking of third babies...

Taken yesterday - and please no what a cute bump you have comments or anything along those lines. Is big pain in ass that gets in way of everything. I even unknowingly can turn the IH oventop on with it. If only it had some practical uses - like making the man on the till at the supermarket pack my shopping for me like all the nice ladies do!

Hub just mailed to say is on way home. Best yaku (fry) his hamburg steak for him and whatsit some daikon (raddish) to go with the ponzu. Feet are tingly again - despite afternoon nap - so at least he is getting home at a decent enough time tonite.

Thank you for all the comments. As per usual I am too lazy to make individual comments but rest assured they all helped me through the day - is nice to know other wives married to silly Japanese men out there feel same way and have had similar moments. I thought briefly about phoning my mum this morning but even if she had said exactly what I wanted to hear she still would have not been able to finish without a 'but it was your choice' kind of statement. How profound. I find that while my family may know 'me' better it is hard to give good advice about cultural things they don't know about - especially as in total (whole family) have only been to visit 35 days combined in the twelve years I have lived here.

Not complaining, not complaining.

Well, not really anyway.



thefukases said...

I'm going to jump right in and break the rules and say you look gorgeous! All that talk about puffy ankles and all and you look gorgeous. Being able to turn on the stove is pretty impressive, I don't think I had any tummy talents...

And THANK YOU!! Mystery parcel arrived this evening and I love all things citrus so it's perfect. I loved the little touch of NZ as well.

Violet said...

Love the photo! But what are you wearing - some kind of body stocking? In anycase, you look great.

gaijin wife said...

There is a reason my feet aren't in the picture!! Not so bad this morning after big foot rub last night. I took my wedding ring off a while back and just have two of my bigger rings - including 'the bling' which on some days now I can't just slip off. Not long though.

Body stocking. That made me laugh. Is actually yoga pants and very stretchy top.

And don't be fooled - it was a video and I went through FRAME BY FRAME to find nicest angle. The bunster at his very bestest. With Shou I was able to take a bare tummy shot but alas, bare tummy no longer available for public viewing :p

Thanks anyway but :)

Gina said...

I think you look great!!! : )

illahee said...

well, even with the prize shot, you look much better than i ever did--you have a D belly!! much nicer than my B :P LOL

Sara said...

wow- i am very impressed with your bump... it has such a nice shape to it!! however even with small(er) bump i know what a fricken pain it is to get around/sleep/use a washiki toliet/get through a door... so you have my condolences on that respect!!

glad to hear hubs came around with a man apology hope that it helps and that the slush fund balance stays debt free for all time :P

Nay said...

You can't really expect to post a picture of your bump and not get any nice comments, can you?!

Because I just have to say that you look wonderful!! When I am pregnant with my third child, I bet there is no way I will be looking anywhere near as good as you do!

I could imagine what a pain in the butt it could get though... Would love to know what it feels like though :P