Friday, 29 May 2009


What a lazy day - in between morning and evening chaos of course!

Another early five am start :(
That I only managed with the thought that come 9am and I was going back to bed. Which I did - kids off at kindy, hub to work, minimal minimal amount of housey stuff done and the bunster and I took out sorry selves back to bed. Don't tell anyone, especially the lazy pregnant women police, but we stayed there until before lunch!! Unprecdented behavior in light of fact was not due to being hungover.

Afternoon... hmmmm, trip to bank, wee visit with friend, phonecall to bank in NZ to FINALLY transfer money for sisters and brothers business (yay, tick tick tick) and then a bit of Cold Case followed by dinner making and then the kiddy thing.

Very very boring day but am feeling almost refreshed and almost up for a night of hee hee huu huu haa haa. The walk I did at lunch time probably not marathon pace enough to have had much effect though and while tum is definately getting ready I don't think tonight is the night. Have clinic visit tomorrow though - and am presuming (almost hoping) that get internal as didn't have one last week. The first woman in the history of pregnant women to actually request an internal exam - but I heard they can hurry things along a bit. I am also interested to know if things have progressed further than the 1cm they were at two weeks ago.

Clinic visit to be followed by washing machine purchase and date lunch with hub. Hmmmm, could be the last super. What to do.

Well, best get some more washing machine research done. Hub home in an hour or so.

Nighty night.



Lulu said...

well i hope tonight is the night! You have crossed pretty much everything off your list right? So you are ready? The baby just has to hurry up and arrive.

Sending positive and fast birthing vibes your way. I am sorry though, i can not say i hope you get an internal, even if you want it. ODD ODD ODD!!! hahaha

thefukases said...

I'm with Lulu- you *want* an internal??? @_@ Sanding the floors and painting the skirting boards did it for me but they're not always jobs that need doing...hmmmm a bit of Oooo Ahhhh to bring on the hee hee huu haa? ;P

Oh and shhh but I went back to bed today too and I'm not even pregnant!

illahee said...

well, i hope you get your internal. i think one got things moving along for sasha so *crosses fingers* . besides, my doctor has a light touch, and the midwives were pretty nice 'down there', so it's not like it was too painful a thing. c'mon bunster, we're waiting for you!

gaijin wife said...

Lulu - my list has been left by the wayside for about ... ohhh, ever since I wrote it I think!! When you get to 38 weeks with number three in Japan an 'internal' is not as bad as it would be back home where I hear you can go a whole pregnancy with only getting one? I don't find them as intrusive as I guess some would. All part of the Japanese clinic package.

Anyway, I got one... and I didn't even have to ask :)

Oyomesan said...

My mum tried climbing up a step ladder to paint the edge of the babyroom ceiling to encourage me to join her...but all it did was wrap the cord round my neck and I hung onto the nice warm inside for another 12 days...

have you painted any ceilings recently???!!

gaijin wife said...

no ceiling painting, sanding or the likes recently - although with Shou I did stain the deck and go walking every day and move heavy furniture - and he came out ten days early and was a first baby. Need to get some serious walking shoes back on!