Saturday, 23 May 2009

37 weeks

and counting - definitely the home stretch now.

Had check up this morning. Took Shou with us and GK looked after Marina. Got to the clinic about ten to nine - checked in, did pee test, took blood pressure and was third in line to see doctor. Out the doors at nine twenty!! And here I was thinking I would have to have an internal and the stress test again. Just a scan though. The bunster is about 3300 grams and still ready to come out anytime. Had very low blood pressure - lowest has been in about three years but he didn't say anything and I didn't feel faint from lack of blood pumping through veins so guess OK.

The nurses tried to get me to get my boobs out to show me the boob massage technique - but I said very informative pamphlet with pictures on it was just fine and that could remember from last two times. I was in such state of shock when it happened with Shou that I actually got me boobs out - only to have nurse start massaging it - hand down like this, around like this, wipe on, wipe off. Now I am more inclined to keep my boobs to myself. With the amount of showing your bits off you do in Japan during prenatal visits I need to keep something under wraps - a bit of mystery.

We were finished so early that the supermarket wasn't even open so went to park for half an hour where hub somehow managed to get Shou on his first flying fox - albeit screaming half the way but in the end thinking he was pretty cool.

Did a 'nicer than usual' shop today in honor of hub getting almost double his take home pay this month - crazy amount of overtime pay, which is even sillier when you think they only get paid half time now and not on Wednesdays or the weekends. Is also pay from April 1st - and every night since then has been average of about ten or half ten so figured he deserved some very expensive Japanese beef for 'yakiniku' tonight, after the sprogs were in bed which amazingly happened by half seven.

Yum yum yum yum yum beef and now have all doors open to de-smell the room before Shou's birthday cake gathering tomorrow.

I had been stressing a bit about the whole fire engine cake thing but had finally got head round it and even spent bit of time this afternoon making accessories for it - ladder, wheels and hose seeing as forgot to get oreos for the wheels and Japan has useless selection of hose friendly lollies like licorice. I have asked Shou a zillion times in the last few weeks what kind of cake he wants in the hope that he will forgo the fire engine for a round sponge. But alas, he has stuck with fire engine the whole time - even after I told him could probably only make it a dark pink and not red. Doesn't care. Gay fire engine better than no fire engine.

Then tonight, I say but wouldn't you rather have anpanman (round) and he said 'yes'. Hope he forgets he said that as am making fire engine now whether he likes it or not.

Best be off so can cut the sponge ready to be iced tomorrow morning. A few friends arriving at ten - boy from kindy and his family and the little boy from up the road. Nothing too exciting planned as was always (still is) possibility would be in hospital. A few balloons, some cake, some jelly, some mahem, some chaos.



tj-injapan said...

happy 37 weeks!
you are too good, making a fire engine cake. wanna see photos of it!!!! hope Shou has a happy birthday party tomorrow.

thefukases said...

oh wow. You're going for pregnant wife and mum of the year, aren't you?

Can't wait to see your fire engine!

gaijin wife said...

haha :) you'll see from the pics tomorrow that cake not worthy of woman's weekly cake book pic. Hopefully it will trick the boy though. And, just secret squirell - sponge was from packet. Just add eggs and milk. Have New York Style chocolate cake from FBC in freezer though - just in case gay fire engine doesn't cut the mustard and have to feed guests something else.

Sara said...

i for one would love to see pictures of gay fireengine cake! hope you will upload some in the future!

congrats on 37 weeks!! i guess the bunster can make his "full term" debut at his leisure!! hard to believe that about nine months ago that little box turned blue!! i've been enjoying your pregnancy journey ever since!!

hope you enjoyed the yakiniku.. yum yum :D

illahee said...

37 weeks? already? wow, time flies....

can hardly wait for cake pics!

Nay said...

You definitely have to post photos of your fire engine cake!! Mum of the year award sounds like it is going to you even if you don't think your cake deserves it! Just attempting it make one deserves a medal in my eyes :P

Congrats on 37 weeks!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Very impressed with the fire engine cake decorating. Super mum indeed! Hope the party goes well.

anchan said...

lmao at image of gay fire engine! J's 2nd b'day cake was a fire engine - my first attempt at a fancy cake. Then the requests got more and more challenging each year... I agree, red icing is a bu**er!

Happy Birthday Shou!