Saturday, 16 May 2009

36 Weeks

We got a really good scan pic of the bunster today - the first one where he is actually looking straight at the camera - albeit with his eyes closed of course. I'm not quite sure where he got his big African lips from and hub wasn't quite sure if his nose was as gaijin prominent as Shou's and Marina's. Also no hair waving around which is good as otherwise head may have looked even bigger.

The doctor reckons, after taking various stomach and leg bone measurements, that he is about 3300 grams already and that I should expect a big baby. I got told this with Marina also - that she would probably be over 4000 grams and two or three weeks early. She was 3400 and a day before her due date so I aren't freaking out quite yet that will be in labor for three days pushing out biggest baby ever born from my nice little Japanese ladies clinic. Doc also said not to worry as bunster would be fine whenever he decided to come.

He then said I had to have an internal exam during which he did god knows what as as per usual he was just a faceless pair of hands on the other side of the curtain. Not a peep out of him the whole twenty seconds but he used the duck. Another short consultation during which he said I had XY and Z - but what I think meant I have thrush?? maybe. Not sure as never had before and unsure of Japanese. Surashu wasn't part of the vocab and hub, being a man, was listening with both ears closed.

Had to go to chemist to pick up some girlie bum bullets. Very interesting indeed. The lady at the chemist gave full explanation and said not to worry if, after fizzing into cream inside, some them slipped out. Okey dokey then.

Following this we went to home centre to get black out curtains. Yes mum, you read that correctly. Crap mothering 101 - let your kids sleep in a completely dark room to ensure they get maximum sleep and don't get up at crack of friggin dawn. We found some really good ones that were very cheap. While we were there I had a bit of a 'situation' where I had to flee to the toilets as thought the bunster was losing his plug. Turns out, after much thinking about conversation with doctor and chemist, that doctor must have put a bullet in during internal. Thanks for clarifying that doctor. So, bunster not coming unstuck was just some bullet backfire.

Lucky really, as not too keen on giving birth in middle of curtain section - although at least black out curtains readily available to make nice little birthing enclosure. Could have even pulled on a few hanging down from the ceiling during contractions and perhaps got hub to run off and find swiss ball from exercise section - in style of free birthing clinic.

Following curtain purchase we went for lunch - to mosburger. Worlds best hamburger shop ever. Haven't had since ran away to city with Marina to escape scissor wielding granny K after chopping first born son's curly locks without permission. Silly cow. Still gets me worked up.

Drove home and, after putting up curtains, had afternoon nap for three hours!! Woke up at four and had to run round in mad rush decorating cake and getting dinner sorted before going to pick the sproglets up at five with hub. He was looking very smug when both kids came running out of kindy and straight to him. I'd be sick of me too if I was them. Yay for big fat waddling mummy who gets shitty every time she has to bend over her bump unnecessarily because we are running riot or trying to put both feet in the same leg hole of our PJs.

Had nice family dinner - which means hub, Shou and Marina had rice, eel and miso soup and small side dish of pasta while mum had big bowl of just pasta. Then had to whip the cream for the cake and Shou and Marina got their first ever cream covered mixer sprong thingy to lick. What's the point in baking for the kids if you don't let them lick the bowl aye!!

Kids both asleep and translation sitting beside me saying 'I know you can't be fucked with me right now but at moment you only probably have enough money for inside drum and high powered hair dryer. Sort your shit out and do another couple of pages'

Best do what am told.

Sorry posts are getting to be more bunster related than before. Feel free to tune out for few weeks and come back when they will all be about leaky boobs and big headed bald babies.



Sara said...

I always seem to be the first one to comment on your posts - sorry I'm not a stalker... well maybe just a bit. :P

Glad that you didn't have a home center birthing experience although that would be an exciting one for the baby records book! I laughed at the part where you discribed everyones dinner.. hubs and kids with the "balanced" japanese/western meal and you with the bowl of pasta. Thats so going to be me too :D

Congrats on making it to 36 weeks!! I will be 31 soon... hope it goes by fast - but not too fast as begging praying and hoping to be moved into apartment by beginning of July. An early arrival of BG would not quite compliment that schedule!

Have a nice night!

Slime said...

Yeah, sounds like thrush, although we call it a "yeast infection" when it's in your girlie bits (we call it "thrush" when it's in the mouth, usually in babies). In the U.S. they recommend doing the "bullets" just before going to bed at night, that way you're horizontal as they melt and they won't drip out as much, or as easily.

How did the hub like his cake and eel?

And I'm always happiest anytime the kiddos prefer Dad over me! More power to him!

Nay said...

I don't think anybody is complaining about *having* to read more and more about bunster!! I think I can say for all of us that we are very excited for you and love getting updates!!

Thrush sucks... but the bullets normally work quickly!

Congratulations on making it to 36 weeks!! Not too much longer now :)