Friday, 24 April 2009

Will work for food.

My favorite online foreign food store 'FBC' is currently looking for paid volunteers to help from remote areas with bits of work that pop up - translating, product testing rah rah. Instead of hard cash you get paid in FBC money off your next order. Seems like a good incentive to me so have applied and hope it leads to more excuses to order Australian Cheddar. I have also applied today for a large-ish JE translation job that would cover the next month and possibly replenish my proper engagement ring bling account - or if the truth be known help pay for new washing machine and shite loads of cheddar.

I got news from a friend yesterday - she is 19 weeks pregnant again.

She only found out yesterday...

Her daughter turns one on September 8...

The baby is due on September 18...

Holy shite, and I thought having three in three years was good going. It would now appear that I have been lazy bitch with huuuuuge gap in between kids. Of course she wasn't planning it - she was fully breast feeding and it must have been her first cycle back after giving birth. Unbelievable really as bubs was only about eight fricken weeks old.

I know, I know...

She was back on the shag wagon at eight weeks - I was still walking gingerly around, using a donut cushion, and trying very pathetically to get back into things for the sake of a hub who was in desperate need of hub maintenance. Kudos to her.

English classes yesterday went without hitch. I met the new teacher at the primary school and we had a talk for about five minutes and then I got half an hour in the Principal's office on my own twiddling my thumbs and drinking hairy chest cofee. The new guy was definitely the 'leader' of the lesson and I went over pronunciation as required. I stepped in a few times and did things directly with the kids which he didn't seem to mind. Our next lesson will be much of the same but the one after that I get the whole lesson to myself.

I haven't been a Japanese teaching lesson environment for a while and it re-amazed me that the kids don't actually mind constant repetition and boring activities. I do think that sometimes I try to pack too much into a lesson and can probably take this down a notch for my lessons at home.

I spent forty minutes trying to get Shou to sleep before my eight o'clock English class. He was so close that another ten minutes and he would have been off. As it happened he ended up watching the smurfs and occasionally poking his head in the door while I taught my four junior high kids.

Hub arrived home just before nine (early these days) and was surprised to be greeted by Shou at the door. I hope this doesn't become a habit but it didn't stress me out as much as I thought it would - but I think I have papa smurf and the lazy daisy that turned into a crazy daisy to thank for that.

Last night was one of those where at midnight you think it might actually be more worthwhile to get out of bed and do something productive, seeing as the whole sleep and dreaming in peaceful slumber bollocks is clearly a long long way away. The bunster, my bladder, a snoring hub, and a brain working overload for no reason, were all keeping me awake. It isn't fair that men can go to/get back to sleep so damn quickly. It must be nice to be so simple and not have a brain that continues to function at night.

I am about to head off to the bank and supermarket. I had a huge sleep this morning after getting all necessary personnel out of the house by eight and an hour spent sorting Marina's room, which once again has resulted in my losing sight of the floor and a need to excavate a tunnel through the pile of clothes, delongi heaters, humidifiers and Christmas decorations to her bed. Might need to spend another hour on it before picking the kids up.



illahee said...

tagged you!

Lulu said...

19 weeks pregnant. WOAH! How did she find out?? Makes me realize I must go back on the pill after having a baby- haha

Wish my Japanese was better so I could do the FBC thing- australian cheddar would come in handy! I am not sure if there are many international food shops out our way in Chiba- maybe in Funabashi?

Violet said...

" It isn't fair that men can go to/get back to sleep so damn quickly. It must be nice to be so simple and not have a brain that continues to function at night."

SO know where you're coming from. I can't count the number of times I've meditated on this myself.

Gina said...

The FBC thing sounds cool, good luck with that.

And LOL, I hear that on the men can go to sleep so quicky thing too. : )

Have a nice weekend. : )