Friday, 17 April 2009


Despite the weekends usually just being an extension of the week when you have kids - or rather I should say more hectic because they are at home and not at day care - I am bloody thankful it's Friday. I tend to feel I can get away with doing extremely minimal amounts of house stuff over the weekend as the house will inevitably just end up getting completely trashed on Sunday anyway so may a well just do big clean on Mondays. I plan on doing nothing tomorrow - nothing nothing nothing and also plan on getting hub to put the kids in the bath, help with the dinner and put Shou to bed.

Mummy had a meltdown at dinnertime today. One of those ones that, after your children are asleep, you stay with them a bit longer stroking their hair and wiping your eyes and whispering how sorry you are that you're such a crap mother sometimes. It just got on top of me. Probably a mixture of hub being at work late every night for the last two weeks and having to do the witching hours on my own - which I know I did in New Zealand for two months, but my tummy wasn't in the way of everything then. I also spent the afternoon rearranging furniture in our bedroom, trying to get the best set up for the baby bed and feeding chair. I also had prepared the kids homecoming from kindy to perfection and hence the expectations for them to be pleased at the anpan man piano toy they hadn't seen for months, noodles (which they both love) and umeboshi gohan (ditto) followed by strawberries (ditto ditto) was just to much for them to live up to.

All I wanted was to be able to do the dinner thing in relative peace so that I could watch project runway. As it turned out Marina spat all her noodles out and Shou packed a sad because I couldn't take the mic stand off the piano - probably because is bloody bolted on there and not meant to be taken off. The plastic anpan stool got thrown across the room - by Shou, not me. I reserve my throwing antics to plastic cups remember :p He proceeded to pack a superior hissy fit for twenty minutes. Marina lost the plot somewhere in there and mummy wasn't far behind. As soon as mummy starts melting down though the kids stop and Shou does the 'don't cry mummy, Shou's here and he's strong'. Rightio. I would rather Shou's here and he's being a good boy, but hey, you have to take what you can get. Lots of hugs all round.

Managed to get them both clean in the bath tonight and both to sleep without anymore acting up.

I had another nap this morning - but that was after a crazy night. Shou waking up at half one and wanting to be in with daddy. He then woke up properly just before five at which point I sent daddy into Shou's bed so he could get some more sleep and Shou and I and Marina, who had also woken up (thanks Shou), went downstairs. I don't know how they made it through the morning but their teacher said they did.

Our room looks a hell of a lot better after rearranging it. I did the move everything and then move it back trick and then finally settled on moving the wardrobe and baby bed so that the baby bed wasn't directly under the window and in the direct sunlight. Not enough room meant I had to choose between the feeding chair and the baby set of drawers for baby stuff. The chair won out as feeding two, three or four times a night sitting on the edge of the bed would get old in about one night. I imagine if Shou is still into middle of the night wake-ups then hub may well end up putting a futon down in his room and the baby and I will do a bit of co-sleeping I presume. My ideas on co-sleeping and having kids sleep in their own rooms etc have gotten a lot more relaxed the more kids I have. Maybe after a few more (god help me) I'll be OK to just put five futons in a row and have the whole family sleep there.

Well, very boring post tonight. Hope hub isn't too late tonight. I hope Granny K hasn't got intentions to get him to cut the grass in the vege patch, or hoe the fields tomorrow because he desperately needs a whole day of doing nothing but catch up up sleep and cuddles with his wifey.



anchan said...


I've had one too many meltdowns this week, too. I'm an emotional wreck, and I've not got pregnancy to blame!

PS Are you nesting?!

illahee said...

*hugs* i've had days like that!

Chrysanthemummum said...

I know exactly how you feel. My hub is never home to help with the witching hours and it's easy end up having a meltdown especially when both kids set each other off screaming! Remember you are doing a great and the kids really do love you for it. Hang in there.

kuri & ping said...

I've had days like that as well...and I only have one child! :)

Hope things are going better for you this weekend.

Slime said...

Crying fits were always my secret weapon! Nothing wrong with the kiddies getting as good as they get every once in awhile. Unfortunately, at 11 and 14, they don't fall for it anymore :(

You need to be careful moving all that furniture around yourself! Don't want the bunster making an appearance before you get done with that list!

Midori said...

((((HUGS)))) from me too. I think meltdowns are prefectly normal. I have them all the time, in fact I doubt there is a mother in the world who can honestly say she has never had a freak-out at her kids/ the world!

I had a nap on Saturday and it made the world of difference to my mood for the rest of the weekend. Lack of sleep is used as torture for a reason you know..