Monday, 20 April 2009

Smurfing Wind

I think the smurfs on constant replay is taking it's toll. They 'smurf' everything. Smurfing good dvd that. Shou smurfs his whole dinner when he's watching papa smurf - or is it smurfette playing her stuff that gets him?

There is a gail of a wind blowing at the moment and I have just been outside to batten down the hatches. The kiddies are asleep and are better at sleeping through bad weather than I am. I get all 'the windows are going to break'y and can't sleep.

Sunday was a great day - we took the kids to Himeshima, which is an island with about three thousand people that is a twenty minute ferry ride away. I used to go there every second weekend way back when I was on JET to get on the lash with the British girl who was there at the time. Has been a while since I have ridden that ferry without a hangover. Considering Shou's obsession with all things that have engines and move it is a small miracle we haven't made the crossing before.

Hub was not really into it when I mentioned it - as I doubt many people from Kunimi go over to have morning tea and come back. Cheap at the price though, and we don't have to drive for hours. We also saw a seal on the way over. I sometimes have trouble remembering Japanese words when it is a situation I wouldn't expect to have to use the word.

me: shit, there's a... a ..... a
hub: nani (what)
me: aahhhhhhh, dettekonai (can't remember), eeeehhhhhh, kujira jyanakute (not a whale), sakana jyanakute (not a fish), are are are (that thing, that thing)
hub: azarashi da (it's a seal!

He was very excited. We talked briefly about giving it a name just in case other people saw it and it started showing itself at all the ferry crossings and became famous - like tama-chan. But considering we are having trouble finding a name we both like for our second born son, deciding on a name for a random seal was a bit of a non event.

We got home, had lunch and then ALL had a nap for two and a half hours. Marina was the first to wake up and then, after some munchies, we took a trip to the park where Marina has learned to climb the stairs and slide down the rolly slide all by herself. With parental hands not far behind if she lost it.

In the morning Granny K came in and told me to remember to go and get the rice de-husked before we ran out. The usual place down the road has stopped it's dehusker and so now we have to take the rice to the ATM dehusker. I have never been before so said I would try and go with hub so he could show me what to do. Later that day she asked hub if we had been yet. I said that we still had enough rice to last about a week. Turns out SHE was out of rice . Why she couldn't just come right out and say it like that I don't know. I often go back over my conversations with Granny K and wonder if I missed something in the Japanese. Most of the time I don't, she just has an odd way of saying things some times.

So, today I went to the ATM dehusker on my own. You put the raw rice in one side, put two hundred yen (three dollars for 15 kilos) in and push whether you want really white rice, normal rice, or the more natural rice, and then put your bag on the other side and wait a couple of minutes as your rice gets sucked down, up, along, through, and down again. Must say I felt very proud of self for getting it all sorted. There was a vege stand with an honesty box next door so I popped in there and got some lemons and some clothes pegs - as you do. Odd thing to sell in between lemons and peas but I noticed this morning that I needed some more.

I spent an hour and a half sorting out kids clothes this arvo - no where close to finishing and in fact it seems I have hardly even made a dent in the pile. Will give it another bash tomorrow - and the next day and the day after that too I suppose!!

I am off to the clinic tomorrow for my 32 week and a bit check up. My ankles had been really good for a few days but seem to have puffed up again today. I hope hub gets home in time to give them a quick rub. I have been avoiding the scales of late - no doubt the doctor will give me a bit of grief tomorrow - or the nurse.

Hub has his welcome dinner for the new office tomorrow night. He has made the adult decision to come home at ten. Well actually I have to go and pick him up as is too far for a taxi and the other girl from Kunimi is excellent karaoke singer so will no doubt go to the after party - along with everyone else. Hub decided that drinking on a Tuesday night until midnight will put him over the edge what with having to work late every other night of the week. I agree. He also has to take next Monday off and the following Wednesday is a public holiday, so that's two days off before the tax deadline. SIGH. And here I was thinking we might get to have a nice dinner for our 5 year anniversary on the 30th.

I know, I know.

Who would have thought.

IT IS POSSIBLE to stay married for five years while you live with your mother in law.

I sincerely hope I am not writing similar sentence in another five years - well, actually I probably will be as I do intend to stay married and my age limit for the old woman is 80 - and she is still only 72.



Midori said...

Ooh- happy 5 year anniversary! :-) We must have gotten married in the same year as it would have been my 5 year anniversary in March. It will be lovely for you guys to celebrate the occasion. Fingers crossed that you get to do so. xx

Sara said...

Congrats on your upcoming 5 year Anniversary!! Hope that you can find the time to celebrate properly!

And don't you hate those "cant remember the Japanese world moment" I get that allllll the time..