Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sigh for Thursdays

My busiest day as usual. Didn't start out well with Marina packing an absolute mental when I took her to kindy. I think it was the difference in teachers that took her. Yesterday it was the nice big lady - as in a lot closer to mummy's body type and probably nice and squishy when cuddled - unlike this morning when was stick thin baachan with muscle arms like madonna and no boobs. I would have howled too. It was one of those heart-renching, crap mother wails that leaves you wanting to go and squeeze and hug her to bits and make her feel better but knowing that doing so would just pro-long the inevitable.

So, after we wail of own on way home I spent the morning crossing some things off my list (see below) and doing normal cleaning - knowing that Marina would come home and sleep after lunch and that I was going to join her. And that I did. Had lovely afternoon nap for about an hour and a half. Got up half an hour before my afternoon English class. The second one got cancelled so I got a few errands done while Granny K looked after Marina - in here - away from scissors, lighters, mochi and the like.

Dinner and bath rah rah. Shou was amazingly asleep by half seven which meant I could get ready properly for my eight o'clock English class. All good.

Hub got home as I was having a nice long hot bath with the lights dimed, wishing I had a glass of wine, some candles and some Nora Jones BGM. I love baths when the bump gets this big. Feels nice knowing that the bunster is floating in there and I am floating out here - well kind of. Only slightly bigger mass of water than mass of body but nevermind. Hub came in for a wee bit too - and then I got out to give him some proper room.

He is not liking his new job but that was inevitable as is bloody taxes again. This morning when he woke up his hair was so boof it would have made him at least 15cm taller. He said he might just go to work like that and that maybe if he started looking like that every day they would just send him back to the nice kunimi office - out of sight from the big players. No doubt he will change his mind and be at the hairdressers on Saturday morning!!

Anyway is nearly half ten and I need a bit of time with hub and then bed. Here's to another night of no waking children. Although Shou has been doing the five thirty wake thing.

To tick off my list are...

Dust all the powerpoints
Dust all the skirting boards
Sort toys
Sort out electronics cords that are all twisted and gathering dust
Order and install three more fire alarms (ordered only)
Get system organized for bills and incoming/outgoing household shite

Hmmm, a busy but productive day me thinks.


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