Saturday, 25 April 2009

One Comment...

One comment, it's all it takes sometimes for a good day to get twisted. I have been thinking a bit lately about how much emotionally harder it is to be a woman - a pregnant woman is obviously ranking higher up the emotional ladder than a non pregnant one but still.

Hub had work today - which was fine as the kids were at kindy. I got a big sleep, a chat to my 19 week pregnant friend, and time to potter doing not much. Picked the kids up early as on Saturday picking them up at the normal time means they are usually the last ones left :( Shou was in a great mood when we got home but, despite mummy warnings, he continued to chase Marina around and eventually sit on her. He then tipped all his blocks out and proceeded to race round the room after her with his 'dumptruck' which was the empty block box. Needless to say the toys got promtply cleaned up and put away. Shou nutted out which made Marina nut out which led to a group hug.

Hub came home at quarter to six, we had dinner, he put them in the bath, I twisted myself in knots trying to get them into their pjs - because while my doing the bath thing on my own every nights means just that - bathing them and changing them, hub puts them in the bath and then passes them out to me.

Anyway, this is the trivial conversation that followed ( italics in brackets are 'thoughts')

Hub: Shou hasn't got any PJs
Wife: they got washed this morning
Hub: (after looking outside) they aren't on the line.
Wife: They are hanging in the wash house but they aren't dry (I realise you were at work today but you weren't in a bomb shelter, surely you could tell it's been raining all day. What did you expect, me to get the hair dryer out? I'd prefer a nice new washing machine with dryer but seeing as you think secret bank accounts and stashing up debt is more important...)
Hub: What can he wear instead? (wonder if I'll get lucky tonight)
Wife: anything that isn't the spandex body suit or the jeans or the summer singlet (christ, how hard can it be to find a pair of trackies and a long sleeved t-

Following this exchange, and after Shou was dressed, the OC credit card man arrived at the door. I'm not particularly fond of this guy anyway so when he tried to convince hub to upgrade his OC card and then started harping on about how cute the kids were and picking them up and shit, hub could see I was visibly starting to lose it. I don't mind people telling me how cute my kids are - tell away, but middle aged skanky men who appear on my doorstep during the witching hour can bugger off.

After the man left I spoke to Shou about letting middle aged skanky men pick him up. He's still a bit young to follow this but better to start earlier than later I guess.

Hub made a couple more man comments.... before pulling the biggy 'why are you in such a bad mood' comment.


I got Marina into her sleeping bad thingy and took her and her milk upstairs for bed. We had a cuddle on our bed - or rather I tried to have a cuddle while she sucked her milk back with one hand and tried to take my eye out with the other. I got a bit teary - as pregnant women do - about only having seven weeks left of 'my little girl'. Shou was younger when Marina came along but I guess that with all the shite she went through last year I wanted a bit longer to enjoy her as being the youngest.

Sorry bunster, not your fault. Blame that bastard spider and your father getting a leg over. At the same time though, I am looking forward to having a child I can cuddle for the sake of cuddling. I am looking forward to having a baby suckling at my bosom and snugling up in my arms. I am looking forward to having a child I can whisper sweet nothings to and talk about my day to and not have them answer back or say 'iya' or 'papa ga ii'.

Having such a rainbow of emotions every day is hard going. Having a tummy that gets in the way just makes it harder. It would be nice to have a husband who just let me be with my emotionally fragile state and just got on with things - thought for himself - didn't need to ask me or make silly man statements like...

hub: there's no nappies left (wonder if she'll want a shag tonight)
wife: in the cupboard under the stairs where the extra packets always are (and I know what you're thinking and there is no fricken way we're romping tonight.)

Hub went upstairs to put Shou to bed and I would say, judging by the time and the fact that he isn't back downstairs, that he fell asleep too.

Take that back - the stairs are creaking.

This complaing gaijin wife may get an ankle rub yet :)


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Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I laughed out loud reading this. I've had many similar conversations with my hub. We had the bathtime discussion this evening in fact.
It's nice to know I am not alone on this one!