Saturday, 18 April 2009

Not Quite Nothing

I can't believe I thought I would do nothing today. The idea in itself let me get a good night sleep though!

It was a beautiful morning so hub took Shou to kindy on the bike and I pushed Marina in the pushchair. Took me about half an hour and hub, who had already gotten home by the time I arrived at kindy, came and picked me up!! So all together it took a bike a pushchair and a car to get the kids to kindy :) I think I was being too optimistic in thinking a 4km walk was doable. It was when I was pregnant with Shou but it seems the 2km was enough this morning.

Hub and I got home and decided to put Shou's bunk beds together. Marina's cot has been sitting in the frame of the top bunk with bits of shite and luggage and blankets and crap slowly accumulating around it. I wanted it cleared out. However, what should have only been a ten minute job took an hour because the gimp from the shop put the ends on the wrong way and we had to swap two of them around first. It also meant a lot of vacuuming and dusting. That finished and hub went to sleep for a couple of hours - trying to cajole me into a wee (wink wink nudge nudge) nap. I was in prime 'nesting' mode though so Shania and I 'that don't impress me much'ed our way about sorting out Marina's room. Somehow her room is now in utter chaos, although I do feel I have made some progress.

In the process of sorting I came across both Marina and Shou's umbilical cord cast off gross black really should be thrown out bits of yuck. They are of course preserved in cotton wool in their nice little boxes with gold embossing on them. Gross. In Japan you get a nice little box at the hospital and I guess most people keep the cord once it falls off after about ten days. Is there an protocol in what you supposed to do with it in the future?

Hub and I took a drive and had some lunch. Haven't had lunch just the two of us for a while so it was nice to be able to enjoy lunch and not have to scoff it down while trying to protect customers at neighbouring tables from flying pieces of food.

After we got home we moved the huge set of drawers that were in Marina's room down stairs. We have Marina and Shou's clothes in a small set in the hall at the moment, and it is a pain in the ass. I want all three kids daily clothes in a readily accessible place - ie: not upstairs. The set of drawers fits nicely and the contents have, for the time being, being dumped on Marina's floor. I plan on spending next week sorting out all the clothes. We have SOOOOOOO many. I re-discovered the suitcase with the clothes I bought in New Zealand. Must say, Marina has some well cute summer clothes. The bunster has, well, some cool digger and other heavy construction vehicle t-shirts and the likes from Shou.

We got an afternoon (wink wink nudge nudge) nap and feeling quite 'refreshed' went and picked the kids up early from kindy so daddy could have some outside play time with them while I sorted dinner. I made fastest dinner ever and joined them - was commercial family moment. Kids and daddy rolling round on the grass while mummy watches from the house with a warm smile on her face. Marina was also feeling very 'I want mummy' after a week at kindy and I got some super cuddles.

Bath time with daddy and Shou coaxed into his new bottom bunk with the promise of concrete mixer stickers that he could stick on the underside of the top bunk. Fortunately he thinks his new sleeping abode is way cool. I always loved sleeping on the bottom bunk. So cozy. Like your own little hut.

SO, all in all a very productive day and a hell of a lot better than yesterday! Hub is at the moment looking up names in the baby book. He calls one out every so often and I maybe it or 'on your mother's grave' it. Actually I take that back - hub is now asleep on top of the baby name book. Excellent progress.


Oooh, before I forget. The company that my two sisters and brother have started - that was launched a few months ago, is going well. I still have paperwork to sign before the loan is finalised but full steam ahead I think. If you feel like looking at what all the huuha was about then check out
Right at the bottom is an 'about us' section that has very glam picture of my sister (14 months older). Actually, she usually looks pretty glam. This pic was taken the same day I got the pics taken of the me and the kids in New Zealand.

The whole family has a finger in the real estate pie - apart from me, they all either work in the industry and/or own investment real estate. I am now a shareholder so fingers crossed the business takes off!


Lulu said...

Woah your yesterday was a lot more productive than my yesterday in which I did practically nothing when there was really a lot I should of been doing, like say packing and finalizing wedding stuff. EEK.

Glad Shou likes his new bed- concrete mixer stickers sold it to him huh? Will have to remember that!

So have you decided on any names for the bunster yet? I am excited to hear what you pick :-)

Had a quick look at your family`s real estate site- looks great. Your sister is very beautiful!! Hope the business continues to go well!

Anonymous said...

I think you should call the bunster 'Genji' - very romantic and he would have his own Tale! I know Prince Genji was a womaniser and a tortured soul, but still, cool name. Or don't the Japanese do the whole family name can be a first name thing??? Oh, we got a kitten - 6 months old from the SPCA - grey and blonde motley thing. Called her Millie. She can eve use the cat litter already! Day and a half and no parcels around the house. And she slept with me last night! Ang xxx

Anonymous said...

I have to say that putting furniture together is very tedious and tiresome.

Midori said...

That is a great site! Fingers crossed that business takes off!