Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Marina's First Day

She went happily to the teacher this morning with instructions for milk at nap time and to ring me if it looked like she wouldn't sleep - which I didn't think she would as she is used to sleeping in her room in her cot on her own and not on a strawberry motif futon in a room with five other children. She slept for TWO WHOLE hours. Had a bit of a panic 'where the fuck am I?' nut out when she woke up but other than that her first full day at kindy was a roaring success.

I spent an hour this morning on the phone and email trying to sort out the money I am lending to the business my sisters and brother have started. Still not sorted and it seems like there is a mountain of bloody paperwork that needs dating and signing before any money can be transferred. Seems a bit ridiculous, especially as the lawyer shite goes completely over my head. Just tell me where to sign and when I can send the cash. Which better be within the next week. What is the friggin point of lending family money if you can't lend it when they actually need it. The business seems to be taking off but there are some immediate bills that need paying. What a huuha.

I then spent two hours putting up a shelf above the washing machine. The piece of shelf board I bought yesterday for it was 180cm long and seeing as nothing in this god forsaken house is normal, thanks to inbred spaz builder, I had to saw off (with pruning saw) three cm so it would fit. I then attached three brackets and screwed the damn thing into the wall - what a mission. I found a wine glass rack holder thing that I had bought years ago to put up in our 'new' house but it wouldn't fit in our cupboard. I have screwed it to the underside of the shelf and used it for hanging spare coat hangers and hubs shirts before they get ironed. I guess I can always add a wine glass or two later on for those nights when I actually get candle lit, wine sipping, nora johns, quality luxury bathtime!

I also fixed in the second to last of the fire alarms. One more to go and I can tick that off too.

Don't fear though I did find a good hour or two after lunch to nap in the sun upstairs. Felt strange though. Every sound sounded like Marina crying!!

Hub is having a late night tonight - and I mean later than the other nights. As in, maybe midnight!! Definately no pachinko open that late so will give him the benefit of the doubt and presume he is actually working like a dog, if not a Japanese one. Poor thing. Told him to get dinner delivered as there is no way I am staying up that late. Not having his dinner to prepare meant I could get the kids left overs - more reimen (cold salad noodles), rice and fruit and yoghurt. Marina loves noodles but wasn't too sure about them cold at first. Spat them out and then put them back in - because regurgitated noodles must taste really nice!!

After Marina went to bed, Shou and I spent half an hour making my latest foreign buyers club food and random items (like kid vitamins, strawberry cream conditioner and mouth wash???) box into a fire engine. Had a ladder (cut from cardboard) on each side and a steering wheel, and even a place for his police walkie talkie. Was very cool and highly disappointed big belly wouldn't fit it - even though I did try after much insistance from Shou. He is now asleep with the box parked perfectly beside his bed. I have taken the walkie talkie off or else we will all be woken by that at half four tomorrow morning.

weee waw weee waw
keisatsu desuka (is that the police)
hayaku kite kudasai (please come quickly)
Shou no mama ga warui koto shita (Shou's mummy has been bad)

Anyway, time for bath. Might have to leave bathroom door open so can admire new shelf!



anchan said...

Am very impressed that you still have the energy/patience to play fire engines! You're obviously a very dedicated mum!

M loves udon (sanuki, of course) and is quite an expert at sucking them up. Can't get her to eat much else, though.

Gina said...

Good going on that shelf and on the fire engine! : )

And very glad that Marina is settling into school so well! She sounds like such a good girl! : )

Sara said...

Haha! The fire engine sounds really fun! I bet Shou absolutely loves it!!

Must be weird with Marina not being there but I guess its best not to get too used to it as newborn fun is coming your way in about 2 months?