Monday, 27 April 2009

Marina All Good

Marina's tests today were all good. She had to have a very invasive, tube up the fanny, test during which they inject liquid stuff so they can see which way the pee is flowing - which means they have to wait until she pees. Obviously babies who can pee under pressure finish the whole procedure in about fifteen minutes. Unfortunately Marina is not one of those and forty five minutes later we were still pacing outside the door listening to her nut out. Poor wee thing.

All over with though and the doc said her post-op progress is as he would expect and we don't need to go back until just after her second birthday, when all she will need is an ultrasound - so nothing compared to what she had to have today. Near her third birthday she will have a big day of tests to make sure her kidney's are functioning OK.

Bunster, if you can hear me, I don't care if you grow up to be a transvestite, but please just come out healthy - and without putting your mum through too much grief on your way out.

We got home from Fukuoka about half three, so time for hub to have a lie down after all his driving, and Marina to have a play with Granny K and mummy to get dinner sorted. Shou was way excited to see me when I went to pick him up, more so than usual. No bloody wonder really as the teacher told me he was the only one in the little kids group today. Usually it's him, Marina and three other little girls but today it just happened that all the girls were away!! He did of course get a lot of play time with his old mates in the next group up but lunch and nap time were just him and the teacher :(

Marina has been given some drugs for the next two days - just as a precaution against any bacteria because she spent forty minutes with foreign objects and water being squirted up her bits. She has to have it morning, noon and night until Wednesday afternoon. The kindy will no longer administer meddy so I have to go there at lunch time tomorrow. Not far though - just a bit strange as up until March they were fine about giving meddy.

Shou was being very cute with my tummy tonight - he even thought his little brother needed some of the gold stars off his ultra cool kindy-made police belt. For a while there I had quite a few stickers and gold paper sellotaped to my belly!

Big JE translation that was hopefully being sorted today hasn't eventuated. Well, it may still eventuate, just not today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Hub made a very crazy comment yesterday - let's have five kids. If I had been eating or drinking at the time I would have choked. Instead I laughed and said you just think that by having five kids I will be less of a flight risk. Spot on. A lot harder to pack your bags and jump on a plane because your hub is being a secret bank account money stashing / pachinko playing dickhead if you have five kids.

I am going to have to be careful or he might try and ply me with vino and oversized spiders before getting a leg over.

My god, my mother was a bundle of enthusiasm when I said I was pregnant with this one, imagine what she would be like after five. Disinherit me perhaps for wanting to have as many kids as she did???

Hub has the baby name book open at the moment - and not with his face planted in between the pages asleep like last time. He has a pen and is making a list of names HE thinks are 'kakkoii' (cool). Hmmmmm. Neither Shou or Marina's names went down well at first with my parents - of course they grew on them and they couldn't imagine them being called anything else now but for a while there.... Grrrrrrr....

I keep hearing a name that hub calls out and wondering what they will think. Shoot self in head for being such a fool me thinks. Who gives a shit if my parents like the name or not. Considering they probably won't even see the bunster for about three years who cares if they can't pronounce his name because it has an Ry in it.

I might get onto one of the name sites too I think.


PS - thank you for all the lovely comments about my beautiful children. Of course I only posted them so I would get 'your kids are georgous' comments from people other than skanky middle aged men :p


Nay said...

I am glad to hear that Marina's tests were all good. It must be such a relief for you!! I feel sorry for her having to have something shoved up her bits though... I couldn't imagine it was a very pleasurable experience. Hopefully it is something that she doesn't have to have done again.

Just the image of Shou trying to put stickers on your bump brings a smile to my face. That is sooo cute!!

Choosing baby names is always a game Naoki and I like to play, although we never actually agree on any boys names!! Boys names are so much more difficult than girls. We have our first boy and first girls names already picked out though so we don't need to worry about baby names for a long long time!! I hope you can find a name that you both love and if your parents like it as well it would be a bonus :P

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Glad to hear that things went well for Marina at the hospital today.

Good luck with the task of choosing another baby name.

Sara said...

Glad to hear Marina had a clean bill of health and that this seems to be the end of the invasive tests. Poor thing... having all those things shoved up her bits probably won't be one of the things you being up when her future boyfriends come around for supper.

I'm curious to hear your husbands taste in kakkoii names... husbands tend to be pretty off the mark I've found... BG could have ended up being several awful names if she was 1. a boy and 2. left up to husbands tastes...

However she's a girl - and as you know her name (which i picked) is/will be lovely if not a little bit popular :)

Rachel said...

Hi, good to hear Marina's tests came out well, and she won't have to do that crap again for a while, poor thing.

I'm back in Japan, have an Easter Bunny and eggs for you, if you are not up to the drive to Nakatsu let me know and I'll come out to you sometime, I love a nice drive in the countryside.

illahee said...

the p.s. made me laugh! :D

glad to hear marina is doing well. must be such a relief!!

Lulu said...

That is excellent news about Marina`s tests!!! Shame she had to have a tube stuck up her fanny though- that would suck.

Baby name picking is a fun game! Shun and I hardly ever agree on ideas though! haha! Wonder what kind of kakkoi names hub will come up with!