Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The List

I admitted to hub that I tried to brush my teeth with his face-wash. He laughed and then admitted to once scrubbing his face with the toothpaste. Silly man. I'm pregnant. What's his excuse!!

Marina cried for all of ten seconds this morning when I took her for her first morning at kindy. When I picked her up after lunch her teacher said she had settled in fine - thanks to Shou - and even ate all her lunch! It seems that she had the best first morning I could have hoped for. I do wonder though if in a few days she clicks on that when she gets handed over to the teacher mummy is going. Time will tell I guess. She has half days for the first week. When we got home she went straight down for a nap seeing as she hadn't slept during the morning, and proceeded to sleep for a whole three hours and probably would have done another one had I not woken her up.

Dinner and bath went fine with mummy - although I did opt for a kiwi bath rather than shower and then Japanese bath. Too much hassle and it is getting too much of a pain me getting in with them and having no-one to hand them to when they get out. I end up patting my big tummy down and then squating nuddies while I get them dry and into nappies and singlets before sending them into in front of the fire.

Two parcels arrived today - one from friend in Ireland with Easter goodies. Already got one full of chocolate from her mum last week!! The the other was from Granny A who had said she had gotten things for Shou's and my birthdays and for the arrival of the bunster early so would send them over. Got a tad confused when I found six cards in the parcel, an assortment of gifts and about four sheets of wrapping paper. The cards are for Shou, Marina, Katy, New Baby, Hub, Katy and Hub. It seems that she has sent us prezzies to cover every birthday this year, and a wedding anniversary card for us for the end of April!! Talk about efficient. In the parcel was a new cheese slice, which hub said he will never touch. It is steinless steel though so I doubt he will be hashing it to bits like the other one. Now all I need is another block of cheese to give it a trial run...

I asked hub to ask Granny K about getting back this Sunday and apparantly she is staying at the other son's for about THREE DAYS. By my calculations this means I am getting one day of peace for every year I have to put up with her. Not a perfect situation but hey, it's better than one night and during her absence I may even find the time to prance naked round the house - something I have never been able to do, not that it is something I would do every day if I could. But still.

So, my list of things I want to complete over the next two months while I have the days free: (this is quite long and for my own purposes so only. Is bog standard boring)

Range hood
Bleach toilets
Dust all the aircons
Dust all the powerpoints
Dust all the light fittings
Dust all the skirting boards
Clean out the fire and scrub the glass when fire season is over

Shou's wardrobe
Upstairs storage cupboard
Cupboard under stairs
Medicine and cosmetics cupboard
Kid's clothes
Our wardrobe
Kitchen plates cupboard
English class resources cupboard
Plastics drawer
Silver shelf thing beside fridge

Other to dos:
Sort out electronics cords that are all twisted and gathering dust
Order and install three more fire alarms
Hospital bag
Baby stuff - bath, car seat etc
Baby bed (get Marina sleeping in big bed or borrow cot from door man)
Get Shou sleeping on own!!!
Put nengajo away properly and check for winning numbers
Get system organized for bills and incoming/outgoing household shite
Update baby books for Shou and Marina
Put shelf up in wash house for towels and washing machine stuff
Research and BUY new washing machine and give old one to Granny K
Get English lessons for July and August sorted
Have an early birthday party for Shou - end of May?? Fire Engine Cake (bugger)
Put M A R I N A name plates up in Marina's room or above her door?

Hmmmmmm, thinking thinking. It is a pretty impressive list for eight weeks. I will need to prioritise into things I can do now and won't be able to do the bigger the tummy gets. Which me thinks means putting the shelf up in the wash-house needs to happen soon.

Oh shit. Think of a name for the bunster should probably be on that list somewhere.

Should probably get off the computer and sort out hub's dinner. He can't be far away surely.



Jo Tomooka said...

Of course if that list isn't enough for your last 2 months of pregnancy I could give you a few of my jobs... unfortunately I don't have as many excuses not to do them as you! Glad to hear the kindy transition went smoothly for the first day anyway. Enjoy your few hours of "freedom" each day - don't forget you are allowed to put your feet up for at least 10 minutes each day!

illahee said...

...or ten minutes each hour! ;)

that's quite a list. good luck with it!

Sara said...

Well you'll be busy if nothing else! I read on Lulu's blog you only have ~10 weeks left!! Wow!

Enjoy your Granny K free days while you can!! Maybe a wishing star is twinkling out there and she will realize how much she enjoys the "gaijin" free life as well... (fat chance but hey!)

I'm sure you guys will think of a great name!! I'm so type A I've had my girl name and boy name picked out forever.. but if numero 2 isn't a boy then it'll be... well.. lets not even go there!

Good on your mum for being so prepared for stuff... and enjoy the cheese slice. In fact I think that since you have 3 June birthdays coming up that calls for 3 rounds of cheese to celebrate!

Slime said...

Wow! That's a very ambitious list! Personally, I think you need to spend the next two months SLEEPING! You've got a lot of catching up to do, and need to stock pile while you can! It's going to be a long time before you get in a decent night again! LOL

I didn't name #2 until the day we were leaving the hospital!