Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Kindy Entrance Ceremony Rah Rah

Got to the kindy at ten to ten for the ten o'clock entrance ceremony. Looked like had come to a funeral what with everyone in their black suits. Last year it didn't appear to be so formal. Not that I had much choice seeing as all formal wear only stretches half way round tummy and probably couldn't get trousers up over my cankles. Thankfully I am a seasoned entrance ceremony goer so no longer feel put out by being unsuitably dressed. As it was I had to hide at the back so I could sit down with my legs stretched out, and more importantly so I could hide from Marina who was turning into that girl off the exorcist in an attempt to look around the whole room for mummy.

There were a lot of unnecessary speeches and at one point the head of the kindy was doing a spiel about how we all have eyes and ears and a heart and we need to use these to think about our actions etc etc, load of bollocks said to one and two year olds. But anyway, she was pointing to her body.

Head of kindy: What are these (points to eyes)
Kids: meme (eyes)
Head of kindy: What are these (points to ears)
Kids: mimi (ears)
Head of kindy: Whats this (points to heart)
Kids: oppai (boobs)

God, you had to laugh. Thirty kids all in unison.

There was the local policeman there too and when he got introduced Shou said in a loud voice 'omawarisan kakkoiiiiiii' (the policeman's cool)

Marina packed a sad in the 33rd minute and I had to pick her up and escort her screaming, wriggling body out of the room. She had done her bit though - which was putting her hand up and saying 'hai' (yes) when the teacher called her name. Was extremely cute and very proud moment as the other two girls her age in that class didn't manage to say anything. There was lots of clapping and ohhhh, isn't she cutes going on. Gush of pride for big headed toddler that can raise hand and say one syllable.

As the kids were eating their lunch in a separate room the parents sat round deciding who would be head of the parents group, who would do the road safety stuff for the year and where we should go on the kindy excursion rah rah. Decision making processes in Japan can be a painful experience. Despit being exempt from all duties due to pregnant state I was fully in on the discussion. The excursion is being held two weeks before my due date but I was leading the show in getting it to be at the African Safari park that is an hour and a half away. Hub will take Shou and Shou will looooove it, as will hub. They can be boys feeding the elephants, tigers and giraffes oranges held on tongs and stuck out through the wire on the side of the bus shaped like a rhino ;pWhat time shall we meet there? Silence. Gaijin pipes up with half ten sounds good to me. Half ten it is then. Come on people. Where is your sense of let's get on with this so we can bugger off and not sit round on winnie the pooh mats for another two hours.

Discussion over, things sorted and I pop to the supermarket and then via a friend's for a quick catch up. They got their new washing machine delivered this morning so I was all over it ooohing and ahhhing - as only a mother with a washing machine that only holds 4kg can do. On the way home I stopped by the very rural electronics store to pick up their washing machine pamphlets. Had good gas to the owner lady - who happens to be mother of lady I used to teach with at junior high in Beppu. Umming and arrhhing over a Sharp or National drum type machine. Both are over our budget but I am guessing I will end up bashing my big foreign head against a brick wall if I have to use our current 4kg machine to wash clothes for a family of five. Am going to have to start buying twenty packets of moyashi (sprouts) every week instead of meat and chiken, spuds and pasta, to get us through these tough economic times!

This afternoon I set up Marina's new cot - which was the cot we got handed down from the above friend and which Shou slept in until he went into his big boy's bed. I then gave it to a different friend and had to ask for it back a couple of weeks ago!! That set up I then had to make space for the Marina's old cot in our room - which meant taking the cool old looking Japanese steps type cupboard down and putting it in the only room it would fit and suited - the alter room. Rearranged some of Granny K's pottery on display, moved the rice offering to the gods thing to the other side and dusted about ten months of dust. The first time I cleaned that area Granny K came in and told me that she would be in charge of dusting the god's, so to speak. Since then I have secretly cleaned it about four times in two years, hence the pile up of dust seeing as Granny K isn't exactly that fussed in presenting nice dust free pottery and the likes to the gods.

She is away tonight so I am expecting a small confrontation tomorrow - as am presuming my moving of the special small cabinet with old bits of wood and paper for the gods was wrong - probably needed to be in the northern most corner of the room or something. According to hub it didn't but what does he know?? He thought it had to be dead centre!

Shite, is nearly midnight. Better my belly and cankles off to bed. Hub got home an hour ago and I have had my ankle rub!

Nighty night campers.


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Rufus said...

Why Hello there! I stumbled across your blog and after reading a few lines though...'I KNOW YOU!' Haha, what a small blogosphere it is eh K? Love your work! Sam's coming over to Sydney end of next month, that'll be awesome! What's Marina's Kanji? Wondering is the MA is the same as my similarly titled Marin's?
Spot ya!
Love Ru xoxo