Thursday, 16 April 2009

Just another Thursday

I did something I haven't done for a long time - I had a huge nap this morning. My legs and ankles were sore so, after doing a minimal amount of washing and cleaning, I slept for two hours - and probably would have slept for longer if the man from the chemist hadn't shown up and knocked the door down. Granny K had asked him over - to bring her drugs I would presume. Bet she's out the back snorting up rows every afternoon. That or her meddy for her bung knee.

I got half a tick on my list today - I cleaned Marina's old cot and put it in our room. That was all I got time for before making dinner, folding washing, two hours of English, followed by getting Shou and Marina, making them scoff down dinner and then bath and bed. Actually Marina was the only clean child in bed tonight. Shou packed an absolute mental when I turned the smurfs off and said he could watch the rest after the bath. Wahooo, what a performance. I gave up and just put Marina in as thought better to have one clean child than two dirty ones.

Shou continued to pack a sad as I got Marina dry and dressed in her jim jams. Marina started too - just for the fun of it I think and it took all my skills at making farting noises out of a half filled balloon to get them to come round. Worked wonders though so if you are ever at a loss as to how to get two screaming kids to stop then...

No longer had they stopped nutting out for one minute and Granny K comes in to ask if the electrician had come while she was out. Yes he had. She then came right in, shut the door and tried to ask Shou why he was crying. It was a touch and go situation as Shou had only just stopped nutting. I told her was not prime time to be coming in as Shou would want to go to her room when she left. She left. Shou tried to follow her and proceeded to nut out again outside her door - at which stage I said very loudly how I couldn't comprehend how she could not get it into her thick head that the dinner, bath and pre-bed time was the worst time to try and come in and play granny unannounced. I said a few more obscenities under my breath.

It was obvious the electrician had been as her TV was now watchable. She could have asked me after the kids were in bed - or better yet figured it out herself and not asked me at all. My guess is she heard the carry on over the bath and wanted an excuse to come in and make sure the kids were OK and not being tied down with duck tape and sent under the stairs for time out. Absolute bollocks - would only ever think about tieing her down and shoving her under the stairs.

Shou went to sleep relatively quickly - no doubt exhausted from all his nutting out. I do wonder what will happen when the bunster comes though - will it be worse and will I just have to laugh myself into a nut house or will it get better because Shou will realise that sometimes, when the bunster is sucking on boob, he just has to wait and what is the point in nutting out??

Hub just walked in the door - earliest in two weeks. Half nine. He is having his dinner and then it's bath and bed. We got a postcard thing in the mail today saying that our economic incentive money will be being paid into the bank next Tuesday - 82000 altogether. Half a washing machine. That's better than a slap in the face.

I can see my ankles tonight. I wonder what made them come back. Hub didn't get home till eleven last night though so I do have an ankle rub to catch up on.



illahee said...

oh man. you know, you can't teach an old dog new tricks....

glad you got a nap yesterday!!

Sara said...

nap sounds wonderfulllllll.
maybe it was miracle cure for ankles?
should try it again and see if my theory pans out :)

no experience with nutting out little ones (yet) but doesn't sound like fun. otsukaresama and good night!