Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Heart Wrenching

I'm not sure if it is more heart wrenching when your child does cry when you take them to kindy or when they don't cry!! Marina didn't cry yesterday morning or this morning :( She was absolutely fine and this morning the teacher that took her wasn't even one of the regulars. Weep weep, sob sob. My little girl. She'll be sneaking out at night, hanging out the window of her room for a secret fag and rolling the top of her uniform skirt up before I know it. Cry, cry, wail, wail.

That aside, she starts full day kindy from tomorrow. Fingers crossed she gets at least an hour and a half nap or she will be worse than the devil child when she gets home at five.

After I dropped her off this morning I went to the city (if you can call it that) and met a friend for breakfast at cheap family restaurant. I had a capuccino with my breaky that has probably left hairs on the bunster's chest. Better yet a few on his head might be good, but with my track record of big headed bald babies I would bet they bypass his head and end up on his chest. At least you're a boy. I can dress you in all of your sister's hand-me-downs and everyone in Japan will still think you're a boy.

After breaky I went to home centre and ended up coming out with five packets of nappies. I wasn't even going to buy them but hey, they were half price so I got a packet for Shou, two for Marina, one for the bunster and one for the bunster from about three months. The vestling nappiers were on sale too but fortunately Granny K hasn't reached that far down the track yet. Touch wood. Also got wood for shelf for wash house and some shelf brackets - plus a pull out drawer thingy to tidy things up on the silver shelf beside the fridge. I have just finished sorting that out so tick that off the list. I also finally got Marina's name plates up above her door. Tick.

Got back to Kunimi and had to pick Marina up and take her for her MR (measles and Rubella?) jab at the social welfare centre. Got there numero uno and signed up. Marina was in danger of getting into tired mode so was better to get there early so she could run round and explore the place as opposed to getting tired at home. About twenty high school kids turned up for jabs too - when they were little the government only recommended one MR jab but it turns out they should have had two so they are all getting booster shots now. Found out that they planned on doing all the high school kids before the only six babies and toddlers. Rightio, that makes sense. leave the getting tired and grizzly babies to wait an extra forty minutes. I did best impression of an eight month pregnant woman as I could and was secretly hoping Marina would start nutting out - but she was playing super cute kid and trying to flirt with the older boys. Nonetheless we caught the eye of the lady on registration and she changed the order round and we got to go first.

Yay. Out of there by two, home by three minutes past and Marina asleep by ten past.

Hub is home late again - as will be the story of my life for the next two months. I don't mind so much at the moment. If he can't get home in time for the bunfight of dinner, bath and bed then coming home at eight or ten doesn't really bother me. His dinner is sorted and he just has to heat it up and I get to potter around all night whereas if he is here the whole time I feel inclined to sit and chat or have bath together rah rah - can save that for Saturdays and Sundays! Wink wink. Or perhaps just a nudge nudge.

The bunster is moving round a lot - I just hope he isn't in there doing weights and trying to beef up. A big head is bad enough, I don't need an olympic swimmer's set of shoulders on him as well. Ouchy bloody ouch.

Time for a quick surf and bed.



anchan said...

Blimey, that's good forward planning on your part buying 2 sizes of nappies for bunster!
My MIL used to send me girl's clothes for my first two (boy) babies - wishful thinking? Mind you, she bought a pair of boy's trousers for M on her last visit (fortunately a size too small, so I didn't have to make her wear them).

Sara said...

Wow the bunster sounds so active! I'm jealous is a way since BG is one mellow bladder sitter. Maybe he will surprise you with enough hair to make up for his brother and sister when they were little as well!

Glad that the harrowing MR jab went smoothly! Enjoy your full childless day!