Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hair Dryer...

This evening I put the kids in the bath and got hub to get them out and dressed - seeing as that is the harder bit. Another day of crap weather and Shou's real PJs were still not 100% wearable. As I was getting out of the bath I heard the hair dryer going and thought hub must have been drying the kids hair - although this really isn't necessary as both of them have so little of it! When I got into the lounge Shou was in his newly hair dryered PJs!! I was obviously spot on with my 'thoughts' last night ;p

The crap weather meant a day spent mostly inside which meant a few more meltdowns than usual. We did all still manage to get an afternoon nap though, even if it did take Shou an hour to sort his shit out and stop playing hide and seek under the covers. He also felt the need to take the newspaper sword daddy had made him to bed too.

We had a major meltdown outside the supermarket when mummy wouldn't let Shou get a toy he had taken off the shelf when daddy took him down the toy and sweet isle!! Two year olds should be made to stay within the refines of the vege, egg and tofu department. Or rather, daddy's should know better.

The good thing to come out of today was that both kids had all their dinner - this wasn't too surprising for Shou but for Marina it meant having all her rice and sprinkles, pickled cucumber, fish, and meat and vege croquette things.

Also got package from sister this arvo with documents to sign for becoming offshore investor in family business. Has taken long time for them to come through and it will definately be a load off once they are signed and the money is sent. She also sent through the pics of the profesional photographs we got taken when we were back in New Zealand. I only ordered three...

You get a CD with the pics you ordered - which is a bit of a shame because I wanted all the pics that were taken and while I didn't want to pay an extra two hundred dollars for the one of the three of us I wouldn't have minded it on disc.

I have given the one of the two kids to Granny K - in a moment of rare mother in law weakness. Hub looked at me as if I had gone mad. Perhaps I have. I can always get another one printed out anyway.

Off to the children's hospital in Fukuoka tomorrow for Marina's post-op six month check up. Leaving at half five to get there by nine. Granny K is feeding and dressing Shou and piling him into a taxi and taking him to kindy. Hopefully we get home in time to pick him up at the other end. Wont be a very pleasant day for Marina. A few nasty tests for her to go through. Tomorrow over and we will only have one more day of tests in another six months.

So, things to do to get ready for the early start tomorrow.


But maybe a bit of cheese on toast first :p


Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Love the pic of Marina laughing her head off. Simply gorgeous!

thefukases said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Must have been a great studio to get the kids looking so natural and I love Marina's laughing picture. :)

kuri & ping said...

What great photos!! I love the one of Shou and Marina together. Such joy on Marina's face!

BTW, next time you come into Fukuoka and have some extra time before you head back to Kunimi, let me know and I'll trek out there from here, OK? Good luck tomorrow!

illahee said...

love the pictures!!

and ditto what kuri says! :D

Gina said...

The pictures came out beautiful!!! I really like them all. I like the one of them together a lot, but my favorite one is the top one of Shou!!! : )

And lol, at the hubby for drying the jammies with a hair dryer, very creative hubby you have there! :P

Lulu said...

Oh the pictures are great- your kids are so cute (I promise not to pick them up during witching hour though :P)

My favourite is the one of the two of them together.

Had to laugh over your hub getting out the dryer- good on him! haha

Hope today is going well with marina!

Sara said...

Awwwww!!! So cute!!!! The one of them together is so precious!! (Wish there would have been one of you too! :P)

I can't wait to see the bunster as well ;D Not much longer.. by the end of the week you'll be able to say you are due next month bwahaha..

Nay said...

The photos of Shou and Marina are just gorgeous!! I especially love the one that has capture Marina laughing her head off!

I hope everything went well with Marina's appointment!

Ditto to what Sara said, I would have loved to have seen a photo of all 3 of you together!!

Ruth said...

That last picture is fantastic, it makes you want to laugh yourself. Marina looks like she's having a great time and Shou is quite the little model! Can't wait to see them in real life!

Anonymous said...

Cute! You can tell they are simblings, but they are painted with a different brush! Imagine the variety you would get if you did have 5 kids! Katie M