Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Gods Not Happy

It would appear, according to Granny K, that the gods were not happy with my placement of the small, authentic Japanese looking, very cool piece of furniture that I put in the alter room. Even my dusting of everything and placing Granny K's pottery pieces on prominent display didn't warm their hearts. Bugger off I say. What do they know about interior decorating anyway!

To her credit, Granny K didn't actually say anything to me up front - I asked her if it was OK to have it in there and if not then I would move it. That's when she said it shouldn't be there. I went straight in (stubborn woman that I am) and put everything back exactly as it was, minus the dust and two dead spiders, and put the cupboard into the other tatami room where I teach English.

She got back from her overnight excursion at about three. I had arrived home from a day out about ten minutes before and was busy putting groceries away (predominantly bags of sprouts), getting dinner started and thinking about my English class that was starting at four. One of my English kids was arriving early with his mum so we could have a coffee first. They arrived about five minutes later at which point Granny K came in and immediately said we should all haul ourselves off to the 'osettai' up the road. Osettai is a small event down every spring. last year out house had to hold it - remember... our house got taken over by vestlings cooking mountain root vegetables and seasoned rice!!

Granny K herself wasn't going to go the 50 metres up the road but someone from the house should be represented - so I should go and pick Marina and Shou up early from kindy and take them, along with my friend, her five year old son and her newborn, up the road for a plate of root vegetables and to show off the grand kids.

The old me, or more hormonal me, would have said bugger off you stupid tart, am not going to rearrange schedule to please you and scoff down plate of root vegetables and at the same time make my visitors do it too. Luckily she got me on a good day and I just laughed and said, sorry but had things to do, places to go and people to see. I then proceeded to ignore her and make my visitor a coffee. Granny K made a hasty retreat.

In all fairness, I don't actually mind osettai - when it's not at our place that is. As it happened someone brought round a plate of seasoned rice and mountain root vegetables to all the houses in the immediate area that didn't make it. Hub has half a plate waiting for him to go with his chicken for dinner. I have stopped worrying about the bizarre combinations of food groups and Japanese / western dishes that get left for hub.

So this morning, after dropping the sproglets off, I came home and did the standard wifey house cleaning lark before heading off to see a friend for a cuppa. Hadn't seen her for a while so was good to catch up as usual. After an hour there I went to the station to pick up another friend - well, a girl who graduated from the university I used to work at. Hadn't seen her for about three years so it was good to catch up on her world and what some of the other grads were up to. Got home just in time to get Granny K on my case and then it was English where I had to be on my toes to try and keep the two five year old boys from killing each other over some Mr. Men stickers. I tell you, 750 yen an hour per child for five year olds is not enough. Should be charging twice as much as the older kids who can actually sit still and 'study' for an hour.

Marina and Shou were 'pretty' good over the mayhem hours and now I am awaiting the master of the house...

Oh shit, that's me. And I'm already home.

Hub should be home shortly and then its bed. Very sleepy tonight.



Jo Tomooka said...

It was good to see you today. Hopefully we can have more relaxed meetings soon! We have settai tomorrow, but the kids love it and want me to pick them up as early as I can so they can go... and get the snacks! That is all they have here - no veges, no rice, just snacks. An almost free supply of snacks for the next few weeks. I will definately be taking my bag and one yen coins too!

Ruth said...

I actually tried to explain settai to the Japanese people in my last job. I think they thought I was mad... they'd never heard of it, but then they were all from Osaka and Tokyo.
I think it was also inevitable that the Gods wouldn't like what you'd done. The Gods seem to think very much like Granny k!