Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fire Alarms

Finally put the last fire alarm up today - in the alter room, which seems to be a popular place for fires to start. A bit obvious when is where vestlings go to light candles and incense. Granny K left the lighter out again so I put it in the alter drawer - isn't a secret drawer but is hard to tell it's there so good for hiding things from Shou. Obviously Granny K has also forgotten about it as today when I went to put in the alarm there was another, different lighter in exactly the same spot as the one she left there yesterday. Needless to say that has been put in the secret box. I wonder how many she has stashed away to use before she tries looking or asking for the others!!

It is ironic that on the same day as putting up the last fire alarm I also clean out the fireplace. With four alarms, three extinguishers and a volunteer fireman as a husband it would be very embarrasing if our house ever did go down in flames.

As today was Thursday, it was hectic as usual. Marina and Shou got off to kindy OK, I cleaned the fireplace, did the washing and tidying, put up the alarm and went to the supermarket. Got some salad sammies for lunch - which had cold pasta salad in them secretly hidden in between some egg and lettuce. Japan is good at putting things that don't belong there in sandwhiches and on pizzas.

Had a nap in the afternoon which was much needed as hub home after midnight last night so couldn't get to sleep until he got to bed, and Shou was up at half four - he went back to sleep until seven but I couldn't find the right position again so lay there thinking what I could tick off the list today!

After nap time I sorted English, made curry for dinner and ran a very hot bath so it would be just right when the kids went in after dinner. Picked them up straight after English at half five. They were the last ones there. Marina had another good-ish nap today but was still zombie tired and passed out when I put her to bed at seven. Shou required a bit of coaxing and bed time stories - the made up type. His latest is the 'Shou's house story' where really I get away with just describing the house and garden and what Shou likes to do. The fire engine is again parked beside his bed with a new accessory of a cardboard money box thing taped to the inside so he can keep inserting the same five yen coin every time he wants to start it up!!

My evening English class went well. Hub arrived home at ten and has had his dinner and is now in the bath. Hopefully with the door open admiring my shelf!! Which isn't code name for rack or jugs or anything. Actually means 'shelf'. I can tell you, after the amount of screws I have screwed in lately I can confirm that this house is infact made out of cardboard. Now, Shou doesn't call me Bob the Builder for nothing (high praise I tell you). I have been screwing the damn things into the beams and not just the wall panels but still - not a blister in sight. Screws going in with little effort. Just hope the big bad wolf doesn't come to huff and puff and blow our house in because am afraid would be very easy task.

I wonder if hub is up for an ankle rub - giver not receiver that is. I haven't had one for a few days and ankles have once again just become attractive extension of calves.


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illahee said...

that is so cute about the money box! how clever!