Saturday, 4 April 2009

False Hopes

Just quickly cause need an early night in preparation for onslaught of both kids running rampage inside for the whole day tomorrow while daddy is at work.

I was under the impression that Granny K was going to older brother's for three days. Apparantly not. I am not impressed.

Hub took her to the train station first thing this morning and apparantly she is coming home tomorrow evening - supposedly right at manic dinner and bath time. She wanted hub to drive the hour to the train station after he finished work at half five, pick her up and drive the hour back to arrive just as I had gotten both kids to sleep. I don't bloody think so. I was livid when I found this out. Too bloody right in thinking I'm not packing the kids into the car and driving to get her in the afternoon, espcially as I think she is getting a bit of a talking to tonight so the car trip back with the two of us would be uncomfortable to say the least - no doubt good blog fodder though :p

I didn't get too pissed at hub as is not his fault but I did express a bit of angst at her winning out to us on some of the prescious family time since hub has started the new job and been missing the dinner, bath and bed dramas.

Hub had a nap this morning after coming back from dropping Granny K off. After a wee 'fuck it's just not fair' cry to self - hormones (unfairness at her expecting hub to drop everything and pick her up when she could get a bus, and unfairness at sister in law saying Granny K could only stay one night as brother was going to be away for a day and what was point in having her if he wasn't there - the least they could do is have her for a more decent length of time) I joined hub for nap. Had been up since half four with Shou and his pooey pants.

Just as we were getting off to sleep the phone rang and it was the sister in law wondering when Granny K was arriving. Good communication going on there. Sister in law thought they were going to pick her up and Granny K thought she would just get a taxi. Good enough to use public transport or taxi for them but expects to be picked up when it's hub and a hell of a lot more of a hassle for him at that time of day.
Anyhoo, hub spoke to sister in law and asked her if they could get Granny K to take a late train, or preferrably the slow boat to China. Or better yet, that she take the damn bus and we only have to drive to the bus stop five mintues away to pick her up.

Oooooh, hormones piss me off sometimes. Damned if me and the kids are going to lose out to work, lose out to drinking with his old office buddies, and then lose out to the silly bitch as well.

I had to eat ALL the rest of the pie just to get through today!!

Hub was meant to be coming home after the dinner part of last nights farewell do. I got an email at ten saying 'sorry, he was breaking his promise. It was the last time drinking with them. He would be back as soon as he could. Love you most in world, kiss kiss'

Bollocks I say. If you were any of those - sorry, going to get home as soon as you could, or loved us most in world - then you wouldn't be sending a text full of heart marks on your friggin way to kareoke. I replied with 'there's a futon and your pjs downstairs in the tatami room. night'

I wasn't actually too pissed off as I spent until ten o'clock watching dvd with friend anyway and then I had long bath. Hub got home just before midnight. He assured me before the night out that it wasn't costing him anything - but I am presuming that the second part of the night would have. As far as he knew I knew he didn't have any money.

They money thing does still worry me sometimes. My very pessimistic mind means I do do bad wifey things like check wallets. He has been caught out before and now doesn't hide money in between his drivers licence and national health insurance cards. Instead, as I discovered about an hour ago when I went in his car because the bunster was gagging for some fizzy drink, he hides cash in the sun visor of the drivers seat. I haven't said anything and I think that now I know where it is, and now he thinks I have used his car and not found it and he has gotten away with it, I will keep an eye on it for a while. If the sum just goes down then he might be able to get away with saying it was money for some overtime, transport, business trip. But, if the sum goes down and then up and then down, then me thinks some silver balls are in play and then by lordy all shit will hit the fan.

I did think about confronting him tonight but I really don't think that would help things. I need more info before I go into battle.

It is hard being on your toes all the time. Especially when your pregnant and everything is suddenly blown completely out of proportion and things that seem normal are the be all and end all and life just isn't fair.

It is also bizzare how different days can be from one day to the next. Yesterday was quite a fun day and today, while I have had a couple of naps and some good hub and kiddy time, it only takes a few things like the knowledge that Granny K is coming home tomorrow when I was thinking I could be running round naked until at least Tuesday, and the discovery of a few hundred dollars hidden in hub's car, to turn a good day into a not so good one.

Silly man with an even sillier mother.

And silly hormonal woman.

Thank the lord the kids are normal.


Time for bed.


PS - the fire alarms I ordered arrived today. I got one up in Granny K's room finally. Just have to put one in the hall and one upstairs. I have the one left from last time which is a 'heat censor' one and another new 'smoke censor' one. Which one should go upstairs? Does heat or smoke rise faster? And, should I take the battery out of the one in Granny K's room?


Sara said...

Sounds like you need a BIG HUG and maybe a few of my already digested brownies. Sounds like you and hub really got the short end of the stick regarding Granny Ks travels. Hope that her getting back resolves itself without too much bloodshed.

I had a pregnant woman hormonal cry the other night and felt a lot better afterwards. Sounds like you have so much going on right now - and I'm interested in hearing about the "talk" your BIL is having with Granny K.

Night and take care!

illahee said...

oh man, what a bummer!! maybe her train will be delayed or something....