Friday, 3 April 2009

Didn't eat ALL the pies!

Didn't eat them all - yet. But I definately made them all. Today has been a baking extravaganza.

Marina only slightly nutted out this morning when I took her for her third day at kindy. I came home and cleaned the microwave - tick. I then got an email from a friend that haven't seen for a while asking if wanted to meet up for lunch or coffee. Seeing as had to go and pick Marina up from kindy just after twelve I volunteered our place for an early lunch. I went to the supermarket to get some nan bread to make nan pizzas. Our crap supermarket used to sell them but they have obviously not been in super demand in Kunimi. I had already gotten pizza on the brain though so decided to make from scratch.

Got home, made the base and put it in front of the fire for half an hour while I made the sauce. Friend was arriving at eleven. Pizza out a bit after and we got a good gossip a cuppa and a yummy lunch. She bought some yummy bikkies so all in all the bunster was spoilt and I couldn't move.

She left, went to get Marina, had wee play, put her down for nap and then Solar panal man's wife arrived for our pie bake off. I was showing her how to make meat pie, bacon and egg pie and apple pie. The pastry was bought but the rest we made together - using my trusty Edmunds and kiwi favorites cook books. In the oven they went and out came more coffee and more gossiping. I don't know how it came up but we got around to the topic of husbands and shaguddles. I was laughing because despite hub coming home exhausted last night he still mentioned the perhaps maybe possible idea of a shaguddle. I was knackered and told my friend I had to battle off his advances.

She was in awe.

In awe that I had a husband that washed the dishes AND wanted to shaguddle when his wife was heavy with baby. Apparantly after she got pregnant that was it for the next ten months and I presume the following two or three at least - because if you aren't comfortable shagging when you're pregnant then doing it when you're sore and can hardly walk is probably not on your list of things to do either. This got us talking some more - as you do - and I made some flippant comment about how seven years down the track and hub hasn't got as much 'energy' as he used to, what with nearly being forty four and all, and that in the good ole days when we only saw each other once a week a one night visit could possibly maybe quite likely result in a three rounder.

THREE TIMES!!! In the space of 12 hours. Christ what a hussy I must be. Bet now she doesn't wonder why am about to have third baby in space of three years.

Is also bit disappointing as solar panal man is well fit and knowing that he is bit of shag prat makes me feel sorry for his wife - although by sounds of it she hasn't exactly been trying to initiate the leg over technique either.

Anyhooo, enough of telling you all about my shag-life.

But I mean, as if you didn't know already :p

Speaking of my lovely husband, the dishwasher shag fester komuin, he is currently out at his farewell party for the Kunimi office. Can't make it home before ten o'clock the first two nights at the new office, but by golly, mention a night on the lash with his office and he is racing home as fast as the honda vamos can go without losing a door. By cricky I swear once I finish this pushing out of big headed babies I am going to work it out so I am the reason the car is losing a few doors on the way home.

Anyway, solar panal man's wife went home about four and no sooner had she driven away when we had an unscheduled visit by another friend. She stayed, had some pie, looked after marina while I went and picked up Shou, had some more pie, went home, and is arriving back here in about five minutes to watch a dvd that first friend of the day lent me.

All in all, I have been on my feet cooking most of the day. I didn't get a nap but I did get some much needed friend gossip time which has recharged my friend gossip batteries for at least another week.

I also crossed the 'clean microwave' off my list.

Rightio, time to put the jug on and get dvd ready.



Nay said...

Gosh, it sounds like you had a very eventful day! I am so envious that you have not only 1 but 3 friends that live so close that they can just 'drop in'!!

My closest friend is at least 20 minutes drive away and other than that the closest is um... Kobe?!!? LOL (Hi Sara if you are reading this)or when Lulu gets back to Japan, Chiba?!?!

Yes, I am definitely jealous! I might just have to leave Naoki and move down your way, lol!

PS - your meat pie sounds delicious! You should share the recipe!

L. said...

Hi! I am longtime (18 years) gaijin wife, too, and I can't believe the first time I am going to comment on your blog is to say this:

Based on my informal research, among my friends with Japanese husbands in Tokyo, your friend's hub is more typical of Japanese men than your husband. It's why the birth rate is so low -- most of them are like camels, who can go for long periods without a drink.

Ruth said...

What a waste! Solar panel man is indeed hot, I think I'd be a bit more insistent if I was his wife ;) Will send a proper e-mail soon. Work is craaazzzy!

illahee said...

you make me laugh! i love how you got the microwave cleaned.... ;)

gaijin wife said...

Nay - only the first friend of the day is foreign and she lives a forty minute drive away and we usually only get our shit together about once every three weeks to meet up. Solar panal man's wife is my closest Japanese friend I would say. You'd hope so anyway. I don't make a habbit of talking about shaguddles with just anyway - despite it being all over blog :)

L - camels. LOL. Will never be able to look at solar panal man same again.

Slime said...

What a great day! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

Slime said...

What a great day! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself, you deserve it!