Monday, 6 April 2009

Definately Spring

A beautiful day. My 'bloody' tulips are all in bloom and the grass is finally starting to get green. The sky is blue, the birds are chirping, the pie in the oven is making the house smell like a bakery (yeah right) and granny K has been absent all day. She made a small entrance this morning as I was herding the kids out the door to kindy. Can you herd if there are only two? The kids were real troopers and didn't try and stay with Granny. Shou gave her a high five and was off out the door and Marina only did a slight stretch for a cuddle.

Granny K got home at half six yesterday evening - she got the bus and hub went down the road and picked her up from the bus stop. Yeah for small miracles. She came home and went straight to her room - no 'tadaima' or anything. When the kids were in the bath with daddy she came in and put some omiyage (muffin things and some real bread) on our bench and left. I am itching to find out if and what older brother said to her. Might need to email the sister in law later.

Hub was so 'hima' (nothing to do) at work yesterday that he emailed and said I could bring the kids for a play. There were seven men at the local centre to deal with the supposed hoards of people coming to apply for their economic incentive money. They had 30 people all day - from between eight thirty and five. So, instead of the head bloke saying what a waste it was that they were all there, everyone just stayed and drank coffee. What a friggen waste of time. But anyway, took the kids there and fed them lunch. Took them back again after nap time!!

Solar panal man and his wife and son came round in the morning and the lounge got absolutely trashed. Could hardle see the floor through the toys. Nothing that wouldn't take five minutes to tidy up though. Their son will be the same school year as Shou but is actually closer in age to Marina. They were a bit shocked at 'Shou on full speed ahead'. Must admit he was a bit excited about having someone to come play. He played and ran round so much he napped for three hours after lunch.

Didn't get anything crossed off my list yesterday and today is looking a bit unlikely too. Unless I get my shit together and put up the other two smoke alarms. Would probably only take about twenty minutes. Maybe after some pie... have made family size bacon and egg pie that will do us for dinner and some for me for a late lunch now.

Had the first of the big spider episodes this morning. It was only the size of Marina's hand but with another month it would have grown to the size of my hand and we can't have that happening. We all know what happens when I get a really big spider scare. Sorry bunster, but the truth is you weren't a planned at that exact time baby. Mummy had a big spider expisode and wasn't concentrating enough to stop daddy getting a leg over. After we've had you mummy is going to have to go round with a blindfold on for fear of an ever expanding family.

OK, the oven has beeped. Time for some pie.



Lulu said...

hahahahaha, I can not wait til you relate that story to the bunster in 20 years time- you were made due to daddy helping me get rid of giant scary spider!

The pie sound delicious- recipe share?

Sounds like Marina is settling in nicely at kindy- you must be pleased! What a little trooper!

Sara said...

You said that you hadn't thought of any bunster names yet.. perhaps you should commemorate his conception by calling him Kumotaro. That would be very original :)

Don't worry I'll let you take all the credit for it!

Jo Tomooka said...

Looking forward to hearing the next update on the Granny K saga. Perhaps you should start to investigate shipping costs to Oita. Hope to see you soon.

Midori said...

LOL! That is definitely a great "where did I come from Mummy?" story.. ;-)
Sorry that Granny K came back early, that must suck!