Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cow Shit Transporter

Cow shit transporter - literally.

That's what I was this morning. As I was herding the kiddies out the door for kindy Granny K came out of her room and handed me an envelope with some money and a request to please go and pick up the 'ryuhi' from the 'nogyo' place. Jolly Good Granny K. What is 'ryuhi' and exactly which 'nogyo' (agriculture) place were you referring. Remember we do live in middle of nowhere with every man, woman and dog involved in agriculture some how and about ten 'nogyo' offices scattered around the place...

It was the nogyo place near the kindy, which according to the world of granny K would have someone there from half seven and they would know exactly what I meant just by saying her name. I arrived there at ten to eight. There are two offices - the one attached to the spring onion factory and the one standing on it's own. I had to ring Granny K - who assured me there was only one office and that I just had to look for 'Tanabe-san' - you know Tanabe-san. Surely. And if you can't find Tanabe-san look for Ogawa-san because I rang him yesterday at his house to order the three lots of 'ryuhi'.

Rightio-then. The plot thickens.

Now, I actually know Ogawa-san and he works in the Spring Onion Office so I drive the car over there, because for half an hour this morning it was pissing rain. Ogawa-san informs me that yes, he spoke to Granny K but that I needed to go to the other office. Drive over there. Go inside and hear noises coming from the kitchenette. Knock on there and out comes Tanabe-san. Ooohhhhhh, that bloody Tanabe-san. The mother of one of the girls in my English class.

I ask her about an order for Granny K. Luckily she knows all about it. Three bags of cow shit fertiliser.


They put newspaper down in the boot of my car because the bags are a bit precarious.


I get home with shit and unload the three fifteen kilo bags. Granny K comes out and I make comments along the lines of

'telling me Tanabe-san, the mother of the girl I teach English to, and that what I was actually going to pick up was cow shit would have been a lot easier to understand because while I momentarily forgot the word for fertiliser I definately know the words for cow and shit.'

'But it's not cow shit' says Granny K.

Well, that's how Tanabe-san explained it and obviously the company that makes it thinks that's the main ingredient, hence the big crapping bull on the front of the bag.

As it was, Granny K's request to me was equivalent of me asking her to pop into Starbucks to pick me up a soy, decaf latte.

So anyway, cow shit aside, today was pretty standard. I got home and cleaned and caught up on loads of washing. Ran a few errands in town and got home to long phone call from mum. I then had lovely nap in afternoon sun for a couple of hours before getting up, getting dinner ready, folding the washing and going to pick Shou and Marina up.

During my errands out I had to go past the kindy to give Marina her meddy. The other girls in the little kids class were still away and it was just her and Shou. Of course they both wanted to come home with me but sadly they lost out to the bunster's insistent need for an afternoon nap.

They both had all their dinner, and Shou ate all of his on his own which earned him some pudding. A bath and half an hour later two clean children were in bed. Hub is going to be late - very late I think. Tomorrow is a public holiday and I 'requested' that he try not to have to go to work - his compromise, work until all hours tonight.

Poor man. Will have to let him have sleep in to recover.



Jo Tomooka said...

I know you complain about Granny K, but just imagine how boring your blog would be without her! Hope you get a full day with Hubby tomorrow.... it looks like Masaki is coming down with some bug so we will probably be playing "quiet" games all day!

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Should you really be lifting heavy bags of cow shit in your condition Gaijin Wife? I wish the old biddy would think more about THAT.

Sara said...

Yummm :) Soy, decaf latte.... oh wait that wasn't the topic at hand. Too bad you couldn't have conviently had one of those bags explode in her direction!

Hope your hubs is enjoying his day off :) (and so are you)

Anonymous said...

One of the family finally catches up on your blog - lucky it wasnt mother! might find yourself with corso parcel of warehouse pina colada mix and no tickets to FIJI! Cosette and Darren have taken their tribe including very small new babies to fiji about 3 times now and they love it - the childcare is cheap as chips and available in your room - same nanny for whole stay. Older kids can go to fully supervised play time programme while you lie in sun drinking nice fresh pina colada mixed by a friendly waiter - bula bula. If they are paying we should all go - we wont be able to get together and actually spend relaxing time catching up (cause of large hord of opininated and nosiy children) any other time in the next 5 years! No house work, no washing, permanent baby sitters and beauty food - DREAM LAND. Hows those brackston hicks coming along? probably just loosening everything up so the saloon doors can swing open at appropriate moment like mine did! How do you spell check blog script? Hope you get paid by the hour for translation! lots of love El