Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bloody Howlie Bird

The Howlie Bird - that's what the smurfs are trying to run away from at the moment. It had some of the potion that papa smurf used when he mistakenly turned the lazy daisy into a crazy daisy.

The washing machine is a whirling and I have my first packet latte but am anticipating this day may bring with it the need for a few more :p

The JE translation is going ahead. I spent TWO hours last night trying to figure out my damn scanner because the company 'preferred' a scanned copy of the non disclosure agreement we had to sign - which basically just says I wont go around writing on my blog that I am translating documents for drug lords and prostitutes, which actually sounds a lot more exciting than what is coming in! The only other option was to send the NDA by fax - which actually wouldn't have happened anyway as fax machine going through mid-life crisis where it has decided it would only like to receive information and not send any out.

So, agreement signed, scanned and sent and documents should start arriving this morning. Therefore I am going to try and supermum it and get everything I need to done around the house before I drive the kids to kindy at eight. Hmmmmm, me thinks starting by turning on the computer probably wasn't a good idea! English classes this afternoon and this evening mean I need to get dinner sorted early too - hence the cut carrots and spuds on the bench waiting for me to get up the energy to go outside and get an onion out of the wheelbarrow. Cream Stew for dinner. Preparation time - oh, approximately five minutes. Am going to make double batch so we have one easy meal at least during the four days of mayhem that will be Golden Week.

Yesterday hub was home all day and we spent most of the day at the park and outside in the yard - with the three kids from across the paddies turning up at random intervals to attack Shou and Marina's outside toys. Half the time we were outside too and the other half they just turned up and played on their own! Maki made a 'too many kids' comment at one stage when everyone was outside - five kids. But darling, I thought you 'wanted' five kids. (snip, snip, snip, snip choki choki choki choki)

Marina had a few scrapes and falls and Shou was in a shite mood for about an hour in the evening but other than that it was a nice family day, during which my books from amazon and the new camera USB cable for the computer arrived. I ordered a baby book for the bunster. The one I got for Shou I liked so much I got the same one for Marina and now feel it only fair that the bunster have the same one!! Admittedly it has some crap pages in it but with Shou I just pasted photos and cards over the pages I didn't want to use. I also got three books for me to read in hospital - you know, during those moments when the baby is at the nurses station, there are no visitors and I am in my PJs for the third day in a row and don't have to worry about looking nice (which I seldomly worry about anyway these days), cleaning, washing or making meals. Bliss. Of course the doctor will still be coming in daily to check on war wounds, and taking a shower the first few days is always a bit more time consuming that usual - as are toilet stops and getting changed.

What's a bet the books are still in my hospital bag unread when I get home!!

I best go run outside and get an onion and start dinner before Marina wakes up and I have to turn into mummy mode - as she is at a less plonkable in front of a DVD age.



Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki said...

hey there, found your blog while reading other blogs..(wives of Japanese hubbies is a thing we have in common :)
Thanks for making my day, after reading your blog, (quite a few back bits too) just makes me realise there are more mixed marriages (and dealings with MIL ) than I realised :)
Hope all is going well and good luck with bub no3..your kids look gorgeous!

gaijin wife said...

Thanks Luisa - I love your artwork :) one of those red square pieces would like fab on the dark grey wall in our kitchen. Maybe if the hub actually bought all his pay home, or I was signed up with a translaiton company that actually sent stuff out when they said they would!!