Thursday, 30 April 2009

5th Anniversary

30th of April - the day five years ago I signed, or rather stamped, my life away. It's been good though and I am pretty sure that given the same choice I would have done the same thing - albeit with a clause that stated the old woman couldn't live with us :) Hub will be home in ten so as much as I like spending my evenings ranting to you lot I'm not silly and so the candles have been lit, the beverages are cooling, the nibbles made and the flowers that arrived at lunch time on prominant display! The beverages are very boring and I think for my 'kampai' I have a chuhai with the grand total of 3 percent alcohol - what with there not being a direct line from the inside for the bunster to contact AA I had to forgo the champers. Nevermind, put it in a nice champers glass and will hardly know the difference.

The translation never arrived today. Not impressed. At ten last night it was supposedly arriving in ten hours or less. I'm not good with bad time management - from other people that is. Would be far better off being told will be here within forty eight hours. Instead, the house was clean and dinner made by eight fricken am this morning, in anticipation for spending the hours between nine and three translating stimulating business documents. As it happened I slept for two hours and finished one of my hospital books!!. Hopefully it comes in tomorrow or I can see my dreams of having a Granny K size washing machine slipping away.

Best be off.

Put on a bit of lippy and rouge - although then hub might think he's in for some action and as much as I would like to comply on our anniversary the bunster isn't in an altogether good position for such relations this evening :p


Edit - I wrote this last night and computer spazzed before I could publish the post. Another night has passed and the translation still isn't here. I think I might have to have another nap!!

Is it true that if you find a dead sparrow it is bad luck? But, that if one craps on your head it is good luck? What happens if one flies in your bedroom window and craps all over your pillows and marital bed on your wedding anniversary?? Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Have we got another thirty plus years of married bliss or will the old woman live till she's a hundred and ten while hub continues to get worse and worse at pachinko outing excuses and hiding secret slush funds? I'll take it as a good sign I think - even if it has meant an extra load of washing this morning :p

On the slush fund front - hub brought home proof yesterday that the bling and family holiday account has been stripped of all it's dosh and we are well on the way to paying off the bad-hub debt accounts. I now have pocession of an ATM card I have never seen before. Retail therapy anyone??

Hub has to work all day tomorrow - which would be fine if I absolutely knew I was going to be here translating all day but at this rate... am going to have to get back on to amazon to order some more hospital books!

Solar panel man's wife is coming around this afternoon after she finishes work. We haven't had a goss for over three weeks so it will be good to catch up. It is getting harder for me to venture out and about what with my big belly almost sitting on my legs now. The next six weeks are going to be tough. I wish my kids could at least dress themselves. Bending over is really getting to be a pain in the ass. Not literally, well not yet anyway.

Next month, next month, next month, and we will be a family of five. Well, is actually quite possible could be this month but officially we are looking at next month. Hub is leaning towards 'Ryu' as a name. My mum, who I think has maybe possibly been actually reading my blog a few times lately, out of the blue said that a name with Ry in it was fine and she would practice saying whatever. My little brother's best friend is called Rufus and we all call him Ru so 'Ryu' may well turn into that. Which would be strange as Rufus has just married a girl called Marin !!

Well, might just have one more check to see if translation has arrived and then will have we nap in newly made sparraw-crap free bed.



Sara said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! It sounds like a simple but nice one.. asides from the sparrow crap... but apparently I THINK that it is good luck... so congrats on another 30-40 years and maybe 5-6 more bunsters and bunettes to come!! (LOL)

I LIKE the name Ryu a lot actually! There are so many cool kanji for it.. My parents have taken to calling Ryohei "Riyohei" so while not perfect, it can be done!

6 weeks left you lucky thing... I have more than 10... and am crying both inside and out to get this thing over with already!!

Hope the translation comes soon - its nice to have something to pass the day with, esp. if that means more money for the cheese fund later ;)

gaijin wife said...

Sara - that's not funny. Not even slightly amuzing. I am going to big spider fumigate our house ten times a year to make sure our family doesn't grow :)

Good luck with your move over the holiday!

Lulu said...

Happy Anniversary! 5 years is a great accomplishment...our anniversaries will be close! I will hit one year just after you hit six...

Shun and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary of been together in the new year though!! Does not feel like 5 years have passed at all since we met...

Ryu is a good name. I will have to call him Ru or Riyu though because I can not roll my R`s...I do love names with that sound though! I have a friend called Ryomei...but I usally just call him Bob after Bob Marley because I can not pronounce his name properly and he made fun of me, sadly.

Hope the translation arrives soon!

ローラ said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I know you haven't heard from me much before, but I do read your blog regularly!

Takeshi and I's 1st year marriage anniversary is this May 16th, but we've been together for 2 years.

I can't imagine how it will feel on our 5th year anniversary! I'm sure we'll be there before we know it. :) Time does fly.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I bet no other five-year period in your whole life, past or future matches this five years for sheer momentousness! Look at the wonderful family you've (literally) created in that time.

illahee said...

happy anniversary! sounds like one to remember....

lol @ you and sara....

thefukases said...

I would say sparrow on the bed= good luck, spider on *your* bed= cross your legs! ;P

Congratulations and hope you had a great evening. We haven't had an anniversary dinner in years. I have one planned for this year as we'll (hopefully) be in Australia.