Monday, 13 April 2009

31 Weeks

31 weeks and counting and wondering why I have to go through a whole nother forty weeks on the third go round. Surely the body speeds the process up the more used to being pregnant it gets!! 36 weeks sounds plenty long enough.

Tummy is getting very in the way and having two very active periods during the day when I am constantly in odd positions trying to dress or undress the kids, towel them dry, clean them, feed them, chase them rah rah, means the bunster also has two very active periods - at least. I think it is his way of wanting to be part of the brotherly and sisterly action. He loves it when I tell Shou his bedtime stories. A bath on my own is about the only time he seems to really really calm down. Probably because that is about the only time I really really calm down.

They say babies start getting into routines from when they are in the womb - if so I am in for a hell of 'routine' when the bunster gets out. Thank god we had the 'discussion' yesterday because I would have forgotten all about it once the bunster arrived.

Granny K has just walked in the door after a vestling night on the lash - which equals dinner at the local onsen place with her pottery crowd. Wild lot that they are. Tomorrow she is off to the city for a night with her brother and sisters. She has three sisters and one brother and they try and get together once every couple of years while they still can :p I guess that means I have all of nearly two whole days to run round naked - inbetween of course trying to find some decent clothes to cover my belly for Shou and Marina's entrance ceremony at day care tomorrow, and going to the city myself on Wednesday to meet a graduate from the university I used to work at.

Hub is home late again - and if my ankles were actually even marginally thinner than the rest of my legs I would go to bed early - but they aren't so I am going to stay up and get an ankle rub.

I got something crossed off 'the list' today - I put away our new years postcards finally. This took close to two hours because we get about a hunderd a year and I had to put away last years too. The folder is in location order - out of prefecture, Within Oita but not Kunimi, and the Kunimi broken down into the different local regions. Alphabetical order would seem the easiest - if I was Japanese and could read all the damn surnames. As I was putting them away I also checked each one against the list of winning numbers that come out every year. I think out of the hundred we got one packet of stamps. Awesome.

Still, another tick off my list. Tomorrow afternoon is booked in for doing Marina's bed. The cot is upstairs and I just need to bob the builder it together and then move her current one into our room and give it a good clean - maybe air it outside for a day or twenty. I got the bottle sterilizer out of the cupboard and now have to organize a bit of shelf space so it doesn't have to live permanantly on my nice bench for the next year.

I know it's a bit early but I had a panic attack last night thinking what if he does arrive early and I am unprepared. God what a disaster that would be. Not, but still. will feel better when the bed is set up and the hospital bag is a packed.

Oh, hub in the door. Will make him scoff down his dinner so can get an ankle rub!!



Sara said...

Hope you got that ankle rub!! I have been MISSING my shoulder massages like crazy since Ryohei left.

BG is still sooo mellow - I barely ever feel her - usually a little bit at night at then after lunch. Maybe she will be an easy going baby (Crossing fingers big time)

Only 7-9 more weeks left for you!! I have a feeling it'll go by fast and then we can all go gaga over the newborn bunster :)

Do Shou and Marina have an inkling that there will be a new member to the family soon? Not sure how perceptive little ones are :P Yes I'm going to be a fantastic mom :P

ローラ said...

Ankle rubs sound so nice. I like to get back scratches from Takeshi at the end of the day, myself. :)

It sounds like you've been holding up so well throughout the whole pregnancy! We don't have any kids yet, but I do daydream a lot about it.

Lulu said...

I am so excited to see pics of the bunster- I think we should get belly pics to though so get hub onto that after the ankle rub!

I am sending early & fast labour vibes for you- Maybe not 36 weeks but 37 or 38 weeks seems like a good enough time for the bunster to cook!

Good luck!