Monday, 16 March 2009

Yay for Kindy

Hub came home tonight with some great news. The current situation has been that the first child at kindy is full price. This is based on our combined income and at the moment we are second from the top of the pay scale - which isn't as exciting as it sounds. There is a huge scale and I feel sorry for the people getting less pay but still being in the same bracket. As it is we pay 37,000 yen per month for Shou. This is about $600 NZ which I hear is still quite cheap. This is for 8am to 5pm six day a week child care. They feed them, nap them and even change their shitty nappies.

From the year following the year they turn three this price drops a bit and so on as they get older. Shou is three in June so the amount we pay for him won't drop until the start of April 2010.

Anyway, the second child in the same kindy is half the standard amount. We therefore thought that because Marina is still little and will be in the same group/room as Shou for a year that we would have to pay half of 37,000 yen for her - so 17,500 yen. This is still a bargin me thinks but I got a very pleasant surprise when hub came home and said that from this April there is a new system and the second child is only 9,000 yen. 9,000 yen!! $160 for full time childcare for a whole damn month. I hope this doesn't mean Marina will be getting put on a leash outside and given a bowl of water and crackers every day.

The third baby is FREE. Of course you actually have to have three kids in the same kindy for this to apply. If, I was going to put the bunster in kindy I could do so from the time he turns six months - so from January next year. I could have all three kids in day care for a whole 16 months for the same price as two and I could go out and find me a job so can afford more bling. No shit, not more bling, I meant an apartment for Granny K.

Of course the town office has fucked up our kindy fees before so maybe I should wait a few months before getting so excited!

In other news, hub finds out this Wednesday where he will be moved to. The chances that he gets to stay where he is are slim to none. I will be dreading the mail from work on Wednesday.

Otherwise, today was pretty standard. A friend came round for a play date, Marina vomitted all over the easy to hide stains shaggy rug in the lounge, that now needs a good wash as Shou also flung his miso shiru over it this evening. Stinks. Let's hope it fits in our single person live alone washing machine or I am going to have to get outside and scrub it. Went to the town office to pay car insurance and now have about enough money in the bank for half a block of tofu and a banana to last until Thursday - pay day. Supermum will have to come out of the woodwork to try and work out some interesting recipes with whats in the fridge and cupboard!

Granny K got some unscheduled play time with Marina and was very excited. She thoughtfully brought here back in her after about half an hour - not wanting to take things too far too soon.

Hub has to take her to the doctor's tomorrow morning. She went last week and while she doesn't appear outwardly sick hub is still worried something is wrong. High blood pressure perhaps! God, I'd get that having to live with me.



Lulu said...

Wow that is a pretty good deal.

So Shou will be at kindy until he starts shougakou? Then Marina too obviously.

It is nice they will be together, in the same class for a little while. I am sure it will help Marina adjust!

When we have kids I will probably still be working part-time for extra money (not so much for bling, more for trips home....ok and maybe a bit of bling!) so they will go to yochien (maybe not hoikuen though....although Shun`s mum works at a local hoikuen each morning and afternoon) from age 3 I think.

I think it nice that your kids are growing up in the same area as hub did- our kids will be the same in either Japan or here. In Japan we will live near Ichikawa and Shun`s family and if we moved back here we would live in Manly where I was born!!!

Yay for cheap kindy!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Wow, good for you. Glad somebody somewhere is getting a good deal from their childcare provider. Though naturally I am sooo jealous of your kindy situation. Mine aren't eligible for kindy until they are 3yrs old so have to put them in the hoikuen system now that I have a p/t job starting next month. Nearly had heart failure when they told me how much it would cost for 3 days (1 full day and 2 half days). Have to go private as getting into public hoikuen in some wards in Tokyo is impossible if you don't have a full time job. I'm already thinking about quitting my new job before I've even started. lol! Babies are so expensive in this system but the older siblings go for almost half price. Perhaps I won't be able to save up for that trip back home afterall....

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is cheap childcare! Right! I'm marrying a Japanese guy so I can move to Japan, have kids and send them to hoikuen :P

About Granny K being sick..I'm surprised you let this one go

"she doesn't appear outwardly sick hub is still worried something is wrong"

Maybe her dementia is playing up!

Katie M

medea said...

Crossing my fingers that the 9000 yen works out! Before my company daycare was set up I had to pay 55000 per month for Little Fish. That was huge! More than our rent, and I was in the 3rd pay class down. I don't know how people in my home country do it, except I know they get paid more than my husband does. Luckily I just have to pay for food at the company daycare and Cupcake will be half price. We're deciding about kindergarten from next April though, that's kind of scary, to have extra fees!

illahee said...

that would be awesome! about daycare i mean, not granny k. and third kid free! i should hope so, if you had three that could be at day care at the same time!

i wish wish wish i could work from home but it would be hard to set up private lessons at this point and i have no connections to start up translating jobs, so...i guess whatever comes up will have to do. :D

Sara said...

wow that sounds like an amazing deal! i am not looking into childcare yet but maybe eventually when i (undoubtedly) get bored with being a housewife.

oh btw my hubs has not found out his shiyakusho placement yet. we are praying it is not a "shindoi" department as that would mean for 3-4 years of crappiness. crossing my fingers that your hubs will not have to move or if he does, gets a good placement.