Thursday, 19 March 2009

Two Hours Until Spring

Officially that is. If you asked my 'bloody' tulips that I planted in November they would probably tell you spring is another couple of weeks away, but according to the Japanese calendar tomorrow is the first day of spring - celebrated by a public holiday no less.

A woman I used to work with at the university rang this afternoon and asked if her and her hub could come for a drive up this way tomorrow. They have been saying they would come ever since the house was built so I can't really say no. As it happens I am really looking forward to it, even if it means a bit of a cleaning frenzy in the morning. I have just finished making a New York Style cheesecake for the occassion although she is the type of person who I imagine will not turn up empty handed. But still, just in case is nicer to have something a bit yummy as opposed to offering a plate of sliced apple and raisins.

Hub was meant to be participating in a ground golf town office extraveganza tomorrow, followed by a drinking thing. We settled this one a while back. No, you can't go and hit a fricken wooden ball round a dirt pitch for three hours before going to the local to scoff down okonomiyaki and tap beer while your 28 week pregnant wife stays at home with a one year old and a two year old. Duh. Sort your shit out husband. Can't beleive you even tried to pull this one.

Which brings me to another huff I was in this evening - the annual department and office moves brings with it numerous excuses to get on the lash with the office. NO drinking or eating occassions are ever to 'town office worker and spouse'. I think I would be more inclined to let him go to more if at least I was invited to some!!

Please don't think I'm being a mean bitch by saying 'allow' and 'let'. The town office and the various obligatory voluntary associations hub is in all have large numbers of piss ups throughout the year and if hub went to all of them (like a lot of Japanese men do) he would...
a) be nearly as fat as me
b) be hospitalized for a liver melfunction within about the next five years
c) have no money
d) not have survived nearly five years with a gaijin wife - or this one at least

So anyway, I have told him the head of the household (moi) is only allowing three piss ups this particular departmental move season. Any that require him to drive to the city and stay a night, hence upping the cost to about 250 dollars for the night are completely out of the question - he looked a bit miffed when I put that rule out but I made the come back of...

We have to raid our son's savings just to be able to afford to have this baby. I don't think spending 250 dollars to get on the piss is very justifiable. Besides it's all about me and I'm just bloody jealous I can't go and stay a night in a hotel and get on the lash, have a nice onsen and a full night sleep (that's what it REALLY comes down to)

Any that he thinks will put him out of action for the whole next day are also to be turned down, as are any that end up at kareoke until two in the morning. The more senior you get the more of the bill you end op forking out. Stupid system when in Japan if you are young and single you will be on less money but the chances are you are still living at home sponging off your parents.

Enough about piss ups I aren't allowed to go to.

Might just finish watching this program on Wellington - god so many gaijin and my god the kiwi accent. I only lived in Wellington for just under a year but it still tickles the homesick cords a bit. Ohhhh, the cafes. I think the closest I get may be hunting down where to buy some of Starbucks new instant coffee.



medea said...

I hate all the drinking parties! I'm glad my husband doesn't have very many, but usually come March and December I have quite a few. I use my husband as an excuse when really it's me who doesn't want to go. So I bet he's secretly glad he can use you as a shield. My husband always blames things on me- like not putting gifts in bags and whatnot even though I tell him to do so repeatedly. I'm sure they think his gaijin wife is an absolutely imbecile, when really it's him.

anchan said...

DH's work has only had 1 booze-up since I've been here, and we were ALL invited (kids and all) - I didn't want to go (wasn't in the mood for' ohashi/nihongo jouzu desu ne'), but he was going to take the boys... hahaha, M ended up in hospital on that night so he had to stay at home!

Nay said...

What is the go with stupid Japanese companies and their drink parties!?!?! Naoki's company isn't that bad though. I really shouldn't complain as much as I do!