Monday, 2 March 2009

Too Polite! Why?

I asked Granny K to look after Marina tomorrow. All go. Would you believe that when I asked her I even said

Marina wo ichijikan gurai mitte KUREMASENNKA? (polite form)

Why??? Don't know why I felt the need but that's just the way it came out - as she was sitting on the lounge floor with Marina and I was finishing getting dinner sorted.

She was outside this morning doing something that resembled girl scout camp fire duties but which I have a suspicion was getting the rice ready old fashioned style for 'girl's day' tomorrow. She tends to cook the rice in the outside rice cooker when it is for a serious occassion. I will be expecting a plate of festival rice with all the trimmings sometime during tomorrow. OR, maybe she was just warming her vestling fingers and toes around an open fire. Tomorrow will tell.

We didn't cross paths all day so come five o'clock and I was about to pack Marina into the car to go and pick Shou up - when I realised Shou's carseat was in daddy's car from this morning's drop off. So, when Granny K came in and sat down ready to play with Marina for fifteen minutes I just went out the door on my own.

I took Marina to the docs and we got some better drugs - fingers crossed. Doesn't seem to be so much coughing tonight. We then got our winning lotto tickets and headed to friend's house for tea and catchup.

It seems that the general consensus is that we should look into getting Granny K an apartment - as opposed to us leaving our house. After a day of soul searching and two almost Granny K-less - and Granny K on best behaviour days I think the problem needs some more analytical thought, if not a lot of number crunching, before I ring the local council to see if they have any flats, or call up the builder to whack a bathroom and kitchen onto the outhouse :)

Watch this space.



illahee said...

sounds like a better day. i think the problem with living with...well, that you get into patterns and at first you let things go, but irritating things build up until you (or someone else) explodes and then things go to polite city for a while. i hope things stay neutral around your place for a long time. :D

and hey, it's nearly summer, heck, nearly spring. the problem may be winter and staying indoors together too much!

Jo Tomooka said...

It was good to see you yesterday. I hope the moving plans work well. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Keep smiling!

Slime said...

I agree with illahee, I've experienced this sort of thing twice before, the first time was when I moved in with my sister, who I'd always gotten along with so well, 15 years later and our relationship still hasn't completely recovered :( And once when my BFF, who is my soul mate, lived with me for a while, the experience nearly ended our friendship!

I think you're handling things well, and you certainly don't want to make any decisions while the bun is wreaking havoc on your emotions!

Rachel said...

I think you'll both be much happier living separately, a bit of distance and you might even get used to each other, or even - gasp - like each other after a while! Good luck trying to make it work, if you decide to go that way.

What did they give you for Marina? Is it asthma? Amy finally got a real asthma drug after her hospitalization, but Lena is still on four different meds, none of which are for asthma. Cough, phlegm, allergy and antibiotic. Just in case. Cos we wouldn't want to jump the gun and give you a drug that actually worked.