Friday, 20 March 2009

Too many cakes!

Spent the morning cleaning - my friend and her hub were planning on arriving about half ten but slept in so rang to say they would be coming in the afternoon instead. All good though, gave me more time to shine the bench and hub time to cut the grass and sweep the genkan. He of course asked for and received a lot of praise but then typically failed to notice the inside of the house looked like a show room. Well, not quite, but compared to its usual state. Am surprised I didn't spray the kids and try to wipe them down too.

They arrived with a HUGE box of individual cakes - about ten I think (and a bottle of nice red wine that I might have to slip into my hospital bag with me). What do you do in this kind of situation. Do you offer the cake you have made and ready in the fridge and do you put theirs away for later or do you all have a bit of what they brought so as not to appear rude - and well, because quite frankly their cakes came from a famous cake shop in Beppu and your's was helped out by a packet from the foreign food store. Not that my cheesecake wasn't nice mind you. The bunster demanded a taste test - quite sensible really as don't won't to be giving guests the shits with crap afternoon tea.

Anyway, Shou saw one look at the box of cakes and was like, well, a two year old in front of a huge box of cakes. Like me with a somebody elses visa in front of a swanky shoe store - not saying that am thief and would steal someone's visa but. I think at that point it would then have been physically impossible for me to get their cakes in the fridge and my very boring cheese cake to take top spot - especially as didn't have loads of strawberries and cream on top, which was of course what got Shou's attention - and even Marina's from across the room.

After guests left we opted to go for family stroll to neighbours - 100 metres away. Marina walked the whole way!! We gave them the cheesecake as otherwise the bunster would have demanded more taste tests and I would have ended up being forced to scoff the whole lot and with the australian cheddar already in there I don't think the bunster needs a dairy overload.

Granny K was at a houji (anniversary of someone's death) luncheon thing this afternoon. Hub and Shou went to pick her up and as the thing was attended by all over fifties Shou got a lot of attention, and consequently a full adult bento and box of strawberries. Needless to say I didn't cook dinner tonight as the packed lunches you get at these things are huge and with a little extra rice we managed to divide the thing between four of us. Well, really only three as Marina wasn't having a bar of any of it and insisted on two day old heated up cream stew. OK then.

They are in bed and we are watching a police program like top cops - but mild Japanese version. They just showed a car chase of a guy who forced three primary school girls into his car telling them he would kill them if they tried to get out. When he finally got caught twelve hours later the excuse he gave for taking them was that 'they were cute'. This makes me sick. Every so often I will get panic attacks that something will happen to the kids in the future - that I won't be able to stop or control and the thought is just so frightening.

Kudos to those parents who get their children through to adulthood without any serious mishaps - not of course including getting kicked out of pubs for parading as foreign exchange student in wig, pouring beer on bouncer, or using older sister's ID. My god, if that was considered a mishap then I must remember to appologise to my parents next time they ring. But then, despite the very cheap talk card my mum has, I doubt that will be anytime soon!

I don't know how I get off on some of these tangents sometimes.

Right, time for an ankle rub. Hub was in bed early last night and I missed out so I need a catch up, especially as ankles looking more and more like just extension of calf every day.



anchan said...

You have a lawn?! Oooh, envious... I did sneak a packet of grass seed in my suitcase when we came over, but I've got to tackle the weeds before I can sow. Life round your way sounds very civilised with afternoon tea. I lurve cheesecake.

illahee said...


there is no such thing as too much cake! ;)

and we were watching that show last night, too. well, yoshi did. the kids and i were watching toy story on the portable dvd player...good thing. don't want the kids to have nightmares!

gaijin wife said...

anchan - I have a pkt of NZ grass seed in the cupboard. It is all year round green grass - not like the standard green in spring and summer and like hay the the rest of the year stuff they have here. Our garden man said the Japanese grass would kill off the NZ grass. Let me know how you get on with just sewing the foreign stuff.

And as for civilised - LOL

Illahee - Toy story much better entertainment for the whole family.