Thursday, 26 March 2009


The sister-in-law (wife of eldest brother who is policeman and lives in city two hours away) rang yesterday morning. I immediately thought it was to ask me about how things were with Granny K. Wasn't though. Granny K had sent them some rice and she was ringing to say thank-you. I did end up asking her though if she had heard anything about Sunday's gaijinwife kusobaba explosion.

She said that Granny had rung the son and only mentioned it in passing - in that we had a little run in over a piece of hair.

A little run in over a piece of hair???


So anyway, we spent next forty five minutes discussing (having good goss) about the cons of having to live with Granny K. Of course she can't really do anything but agree and support what I say as there is no way in hell she wants Granny K to move in with them. She said something about Granny K maybe going there for a night in April and that she would get the son, her hub, to talk to Granny K then. GK doesn't listen to me, talks to hub like he's a dog, but may well take the advice of her eldest child. Me hopes so anyway. The advice is mainly going to be along the lines of...

Just fuckin stay in your room or the vege patch. Just back away from the gaijin and her offspring as detailed studies have shown gaijin get very protective of their offspring around viscious old vest wearing ling lings.

I saw her briefly yesterday - when she popped her head in the room to say she was off to pottery. I made no attempt at conversation and just said 'haaaai'. She then of course had to make a bit of a deal of giving Marina a wee cuddle and 'oh my, hadn't she gotten so heavy in the 48 hours since she last cuddled her'. Yes, Granny K. Marina is putting on weight at the same pace as an oversized twenty eight week pregnant gaijin. Oh Shit. That's me.

When it came time for my afternoon English lesson I asked Granny K to please keep an eye on Marina in our lounge and to not take her off on random little excursions to the temple next door where it is my suspicsion Marina gets feed an assortment of senbei and chocolate.

She was still in here when hub got back from work but then made as hasty an exit as possible for a vestling granny wanting a bit of attention from her youngest son and two grandchildren. In her absence the whole dinner and bath, bed routine went very smoothly. Tonight might be a bit of a different story as hub will be late and I have two hours of English this afternoon - meaning Shou gets picked up at five forty, meaning dinner and everything is that little bit later. Shou then needs to get put to bed and be asleep by eight o'clock when my night English class students come.

Ah well, come April and the work move and there will no doubt be a lot more nights when this is going to have to become the norm. And of course come June I will have a baby hanging off one tit while I do it all.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Speaking of which, the bunster is doing well - or as well as a mother's instinct can tell her without a protiein wee test, blood test, internal exam and 4D ultrasound. My ankles haven't been puffy at all lately which makes me think the lining of carbs sitting in my tummy is absorbing all the fluid, or the bunster is doing a stellar job in headbutting my bladder enough to get it all out before it even hits my legs. Needless to say I am still getting ankle rubs - using the theory that all these rubs is actually making wonderful difference in keeping puffy elephant ankle syndrome at bay.

A friend has just been for a visit with her eldest boy, who is now on kindy spring vacation, and her third boy, who is just two months old. The middle boy is in the same class as Shou at daycare. I had a good snuggle with bubs who immediately felt safe in the folds of my gaijin boobs and settled down for a good bit of shut eye. Shou's latest game in the bath is trying to get mummy to shoot water by pushing boobs together - but that's a whole nother post all together.

I should probably get about to hanging out the third load of washing for the day - can't wait till we get out economic incentive whats it money from the government so we can go washing machine shopping.


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illahee said...

yoshi wants to start savings accounts for the children with the money, but that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? *sigh* maybe i can talk him into a trip to okinawa for me and the kids.... lol