Thursday, 5 March 2009


Two posts in one day! I am writing this in the hope that tomorrow morning I will be in peaceful slumber at prime blogging time - 10 am. I have even put a load of washing on so I can hang it out by the fire before I go to bed. I have many a good intention to get horizontal when Marina goes down but something always happens and I spend far too long on here or pottering around.

Hub came home from work tonight, opened the fridge and asked me if I had drunk the one beer that was in there. He back tracked pretty fast when he saw my expression, that must have read something like...

What part of "I have just finished frying twenty croquettes, after finishing two hours of back to back English half an hour ago, after cooking the rest of the dinner, shopping, going on excursion for bastard double black ink cartridge, cleaning, vacumming, washing and looking after Marina" do you not understand? By the way did you not realise that preggy women drinking on their own in the middle of the afternoon has gone out of fashion??

Needless to say the beer was staring him in the face, not hiding behind some tofu or jar of vegemite.

After my evening English class, that finished at nine, he asked if I had had a mozza (balls up - disaster etc) while putting more wood on the fire. I looked puzzled and said no, why? There were ten new black burn marks on the wooden floor - there were only two before so having an extra ten makes quite a difference!! I said the only thing I could think of was that Granny K had thrown a log (from about ten yards back by the looks of it - a quarterback in a past life perhaps?) on the fire while she was looking after Marina for the two hours I was teaching.

Hub goes into Granny K's room to ask her and what do you know. She had tried throwing a log on with her eyes closed standing on her head. Oops. Interesting that she had failed to tell me despite staying in here for about half an hour after I had finished. I wonder if she had not been confronted would she have said anything at all?? Me thinks not. Silly cow. Almost feel like throwing a certain pink vest on the fire.


Ah well, such is life with your mother in law. Hub was going to take a day off next week and we were going to try and go to the movies and get Granny K to watch Marina - but I think I will wait until the weather is a bit warmer and the fire doesn't need to be on, hence we will come home to our house still standing.

I should get to bed but is hard to wind down after a night class. Not to worry though as I have a morning nap all pencilled in for tomorrow morning. The afternoon is the baking extravaganza with Solar Panel man's wife. Ampanman cake and terimisu.



illahee said...

enjoy your nap!

Anonymous said...

haha you crack me up.. you are SO lucky to have a fireplace!!! I was laughing at your response to our hubs... goodness, are you wonder woman or what?

Nay said...

Fireplaces are so cosy and warm, but it is very difficult to keep the ashes from burning holes in the carpet/flooring that is situated near the fireplace. I remember how difficult to was for us when we had a fireplace... and that was a rented house too! LOL

I hope you enjoy your nap!! If I lived closer I would offer to look after Shun and Marina while you take time off and go the movies!