Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Shaguddle Teaser

Another day has gone by with no phone call from the kindy - Shou seems to be fine. Touch wood. Five of the bigger kids are away with the flu but still only two from the smaller kids group.

Hub has just finished watching Mad Max II - which has to be the second shitest movie ever made - coming only second to Mad Max I. It is a small wonder Mel Gibson ever made it big after appearing in those films.

Last night I was a bit of a shaguddle teaser so had to earn brownie points this evening. Last night I suggested going to bed early but got turned down in favor of Mad Max. I know I know. I thought shagging would have won over blood and guts and gore too but who knows what men are thinking sometimes. When hub did come to bed he tried to get a leg over and I agree-ed but first had to check on Marina who had a bit of a coughing fit. In that twenty seconds it took for me to get up and check her the bunster rearranged himself and I got a sore back - and out the window went any shaguddling of any kind.

So tonight - in the throws of Mad Max II action I suggested a bit of a shaguddle in the shower. In the 24 hours since last night hub has obviously learnt he needs to get any action where he can so Mad Max got ditched. Clever boy.

The day was otherwise very quiet - getting ready and having two English classes, visiting a friend in the next town over whom I haven't seen for about a month, and having a cleaning session this morning that included getting on my hands and knees (and now belly as well) and polishing the floor downstairs. Granny K is really keeping her distance and didn't even comment that hands and knees floor polishing action would surely mean the bunster grow an extra limb.

Tomorrow - the usual. Cleaning, English, a visit with a friend, and a power nap in the morning if I can get my shite sorted out before then.

Need to sleep now me thinks.



Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up..wait are you the funny gal with the MIL that lives with you?

But Mad Max.. NOOOOOOOOOO are you serious, showers are the best!!!!

illahee said...

lol i remember those days. i also remember reminding yoshi he better get it while the getting was good, because after #3 i was pretty sure he was going to be waiting longer than six weeks :) esp. since he wants to use the barrier method of birth control...