Thursday, 5 March 2009

Oh Dear!

Marina had another cough till I chunder episode yesterday. FORTUNATELY she was wearing her new vest so most of the spillage landed on that and not on her PJs. What a relief!

Speaking of vests, Granny K is at this moment banging away at something in her room. I doubt very much it is a vestling of the opposite sex and if it did happen to be then they will both end up in ICU what with the racket going on in there. God the thought just about made me have a chunder episode of my own. No doubt she will be putting up more nails to hang more 'necessary' shite on the wall, door frame, window, inside of her wardrobe. When she does indeed leave the premises for a restling vestling home and I turn her room into the master bedroom, games room, at-home pachinko parlor (yeah right)- assuming of course the smell is get riddable of - I am going to have to spend half a day finding and pulling out mysteriously placed nails.

The mother of the boy mentioned in yesterday's blog decided to stay for the whole English lesson yesterday. He still caused his usual interruptions (last week was an exception) but we managed to get through our ABCs and the activities I had set for the class. The mother apologized afterwards saying that she didn't realise how 'jama' (in the way - stopping things from going smoothly??) her son was. I did my always genki English teacher laugh and said that the lesson had gone very well. I imagine she went away thinking she was getting a good deal for 750 yen for the 45 minute class. I think she is too. A babysitter would get more than that and babysitting is what it comes down to sometimes.

My evening class was cancelled and I have a feeling it will roll to a stop sometime later in the year when they turn into third year Junior High students and find themselves upping the workload to study for High School entrance exams. Ah well, I may just have to increase my little kids.

I have almost finished preparing for my classes today but the ink ran out on the printer. I have spares for all the colors except the big bastard double black one. I always forget to buy that one. There is a smaller black one still in there so annoying that printer doesn't realise I am just having a preggy moment and filter the black it needs from that one.

Marina and I had a productive morning that included her playing at my ankles while I made twenty nikujaga (meat and potato) croquettes (?) with the left over nikujaga from two nights ago. I haven't fried them yet but they are all floured, egged and bread crumbed and just waiting to be thrown into a pot of boiling oil. The usual cleaning got done and I even managed to jump in the shower myself. I feel so clean I am beginning to wonder how long it was since I had one - may find self turning into something resembling Granny's floor if I don't watch out.

Will just wait for the princess to wake up and then it's off ink shopping and going for a cruise round Kunimi - which will take all of thirty seven seconds probably.

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday, rejoicing in fact that it is one day closer to the weekend.


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Rachel said...

Had to laugh when you wrote 'increase my little ones' Sweetie, I think you have enough little ones already...

Amy used to vomit all the time from her asthma cough (was it asthma Marina has?). she ended up sleeping on towels for several years. Towel under her, towel on her pillow, folded towels and a basin by the bed! Man, have I cleaned up a LOT of vomit! I still haven't got used to it, it's gross.