Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nearly Moonwalking

Nothing like a Sunday spent with two toddlers, one who now thinks screaming is better than trying out new words and sounds, to get the ready to snap level up. The morning was pretty standard. Marina and I hung out inside pottering, doing some cleaning and then making corn fritters for lunch while hub and Shou pottered outside doing manly things like cutting wood and cleaning the hubcaps, which next to shochu drinking and shaguddling (and trying to shaguddle) must be hub's top past time.

After lunch hub was to take Granny K to her home temple (the one we got married in) for some temple rah rah bonanza that she had to attend. He said he would take Shou, and in fact would me and Marina like to go too seeing as we hadn't seen them since before Marina's operation. All agreed and then Granny K says we have to swing past town to pick up her vestling sister. Swinging past to pick up someone else is something you would really like a bit of warning for when you have two carseats in the car - A bit of rearranging later, putting down the back seats and putting Shou and Marina in the third row of seats so that the vestlings didn't need to clamber over carseats to get it, and we were off. Granny K spends half trip to sisters hanging over the seat trying to play some sort of clapping game with Shou. I ask her about three times to please put her seatbelt on - until she pipes up that it isn't illegal to be in the back with out a belt. Bloody belt that strap over your mouth woman.

I said that wasn't point, we need to set good example for kids, especially Shou who is forever trying to get away with taking his seat belt off. She mutters something under her breath and I sigh.

After a bit of a mad play at the temple with a room full of vestlings saying how cute our two boys were - one of whom was dressed entirely in pink - we take leave and go home for a nap. Nap time over and hub and Shou head off to pick the vestling sisters up. Marina and I stay home to start on dinner. Just as hub and Shou are pulling into the drive I ring a friend who got home from the hospital (in NZ) yesterday after having her second child. After goss about the trials and tribulations of child birth and second children she asks about the situation with Granny K.

It turns out that at the exact time that I was telling her that we had made her room off bounds and that any play with the grandkids time had to happen in here under my watchful eye, Shou was... wait for it .... playing with scissors in Granny K's room. I ask hub, plead with hub, that I really need for this rule to work out or I won't be able to cope. Of course trying to get Shou out of her room was eventful. I made the point of saying again that sorry Shou, it wasn't his fault, but mummy and daddy had decided that this room was off limits and Granny needed to come out to our lounge to play. She made no attempt at trying to encourage Shou to come with me (apart from saying that Mummy didn't want him to play with her 'SIGH') so I had to go in and pick him up.

Result .... ten minutes of crying outside Granny K's locked door. We are in here getting dinner and things sorted. Have tried to coax Shou in here but to no avail. After ten minutes Granny K comes out and brings Shou in here where she tells me it was just too kawaisoo listening to him cry. I am thinking that when the baby arrives and I have a baby crying and one or god help me both Marina and Shou on the go too that I am going to have to nail bits of wood over her door. Maybe I will use extremely long nails in the hope that she is standing right on the other side.

So anyway, as per usual she agrivates me to no end. It is a bit easier now I have made the decision to not actually try and get along with her for the sake of me - I will for the sake of the children but not because I want a good relationship with my spastic mother in law.

Close of Sunday antics.

Ooh, on nice note, my friend has named her second child after me - well, middle name. No, I don't mean her name is Stella Gaijinwife. Stella Kate. Isn't that lovely. A bright and absoultely fabulous future awaits you stella kate.



Anonymous said...

I couldn't think of a nicer name either! Katie

ローラ said...

Nice! Someone using your name in their child' :)

The bit with using the longer nails, made me laugh. Maybe I have a dark sense of humor?

anchan said...

lol, your '101 ways to accidently kill your MIL' always crack me up! Blimey, she really is pushing it... she seems to be getting worse...

medea said...

It's been illegal not to wear seatbelts in the car (even the back) since last June. I'd say you should turn her in, but the problem is the driver gets the ticket not the idiot passenger.

illahee said...

granny k needs some ass-whoopin'! just sayin, is all.

hee hee

Sara said...

Sounds like quite a weekend! Have you had Shou model his "Granny K" shirt at home yet?

Congrats to your friend! I think its a beautiful name :)

gaijin wife said...

Laura - definately not a dark sense of humor surely? Where would that leave me?

Anchan - wouldn't be on accident on anymore :p

Medea - I thought that too and said so but hub seemed to think it was made 'gimu' (obligatory) but that you wouldn't get a fine or points off your licence. Hmmm, he is so not in the know on a lot of things though so I might have to do some googling so I have something to back me up next time. Road use legislation seven hundred and fifty seven states...

Illahee - yes definately. ass-whoopin for Granny K is indeed on my Christmas wish list.

Sara - I had momentarily forgotten about 'the' t-shirt. Come some warmer weather and I will be washing it every night so Shou can wear it every day. Will also look into making smaller one for Marina and perhaps a 'Granny K Rocks' stretch and grow for the bunster.