Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Man About the House

Whenever we have visitors - or more specifically whenever we have female visitors of our generation (if you can put hub and I in the same generation for a minute) Hub tends to go overboard on the house work.

I admit that he does do a lot more than the average Japanese man. He washes up dinner dishes without being asked, he does all the wood bringing in for the fire, he helps feed, bath and put children to bed and he gives me pregnant ankle rubs and shoulder rubs with little resistance. If I instigated more international relations meetings I could probably get a few more chores out of him - but some days I would rather scrub the roof with a toothbrush over trying to get the energy up for a 'meeting'. But I digress,

Yesterday, my friend... let's call her 'ex vice mayor's daughter' - because well that's who she is and besides, I think 'running dog' and 'white wolf with fluffy tail' were taken. Not that she resembles either a dog or a wolf.

Anyway, she came round and we went out for lunch. Granny K OFFERED to look after Marina and me being not in a mood to find fault with her at that very second said yes and thankyou very much that would be just fab. So, for what seems like the longest time I got to go out for a meal childless - not including you bunster. sorry. You were definately present you moving, wriggling, kicking maniac - give your poor mother a break.

We then came back here for a coffee and she seemed quite reluctant to leave so one thing turned into another and she stayed for the chaos that is dinner and bathtime. Hub got home relatively early and after getting changed and having dinner went straight into 'I am new age man' clean-up robot mode and washed, dried and put away all the dishes, wiped the table and bundled up the kids for a bath - all the time singing praises to himself out loud!! It was quite comical and said friend was acting accordingly by dishing out the praises about how good he was and how if the whole world blew up tomorrow he would be left standing for his good cleaning duties. I listened in interest but had to pipe up when hub pulled the 'I always do the dishes, Katy never does them' line. Where did that come from?

The usual routine is that whoever isn't in the bath with the kids does the dishes. (and that on an average of two or three nights a week I do everything on my own because sometimes the taxes really are just more important) It just happens last night that he was on show off overload and did both. When he went to get in the bath he said 'go yukkuri' to us, which means relax for a bit. Hehe snort snort giggle giggle. Relax for a bit - during the hours of five and seven thirty? Not likely. Sometimes when he is in the bath I think he thinks I am kicking back with my feet up and that the bed turning down, pajama getterer, meddy and milk makerer and cleaning up under Marina's highchair fairies come to town.

So that was yesterday. I also got an email from the mother of one of the boys in Shou's giraffe or whatever it is group at kindy. Both him and his brother had influenza and apparently it was going around the kindy. Excellent. Is only a matter of time then before I get the call from the kindy saying Shou has a temperature. He will get taken to the doctor who will pronounce him to have influenza before prescribing a dozen types of meddy. No sleep for two or three days and then Marina will get it and finally, when the two kids are just coming right at the weekend Hub will get it and be knocked out for the whole weekend but will become miraculously fine by Monday morning for work. God help the civil servent who actually uses a sick day.

I might get a light dose of it but because there are too many other sick people to look after the feelings of tiredness and sore throat and headness will be pushed to the back of the mind while super-mum takes over. This will in turn mean that nobody suspects I have got it and therefore there will be no offers of taking over for half an hour while mum gets a lie down. The bunster will ensure that mum can't take any of the serious drugs so she just has to guts it out - but hey, that's what we do best isn't it?

An optimist would say that all influenza bugs will bypass my strong, big headed half foreign son and that we will remain an influenza free household again this year.

Sorry, but the optimist has left the building.

Ooooh, on a good note though I did not have to go into either of the kids rooms last night. Shou woke us up at six - which is very much doable if you have had the whole night in your own bed beforehand. I am thinking that come about May I am going to put the bunks together in Shou's room and he can sleep on top and Marina on the bottom. Any thoughts on this - a nearly three year old on the top and a one and a half year old on the bottom. Are they going to keep each other awake? Am I starting the two siblings sharing the same room without any parental intervention too early? Also, how much damage can you really do falling off the top bunk? I have vague recollections of it happening to me but a quick check of my arms and legs reveals no scars or war-wounds left that tell the tale.

Marina has just gone down for a nap and the bunster thinks he needs one too.



thefukases said...

Ha ha- my husband does exactly the same thing. Funny though when he has no idea where something goes- kinda ruins the 'oh, I always do this' routine. Not that I'm complaining!

Re the bunks, my girls shared a bed since A was born. Well, for half the night anyway- I'm too lazy to breast feed sitting up. But they have been sharing for years anyway. They have twin beds though not bunks. Does Shou get up to wee in the night? Meg still can't make it through the night so we can't do bunks as I don't want her climbing up and down in the dark.

I only ever fell out of my bunk when I was playing on it. I think the roll guard saved me in my sleep...

medea said...

My husband does the same thing. When I have the girls from work over he goes nuts with the serving- and if he knows beforehand he goes out and brings things like fruit home. I admit to telling him I am having friends over when I am not so I can harness that energy for just me.

The opposite is true too- he is terrible when men or his mother come around. He turns into a twit who couldn't go pee without help.