Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Let the Vest Collecting Begin.

It turns out that Granny K must have indeed been warming her hands and toes yesterday around the camp fire. Not a grain of festival rice to be seen. I also thought I smelt tempura being made later in the day but with my preggy woman nose being on full alert at the moment it could well have been a smell wafting in from about ten houses down the road.

INSTEAD, Marina got a hand knitted illuminous pink vest to add to her vest collection - which was started by Granny K, aka vestling connoisseur, and will no doubt end with one from Granny K. Yesterday's addition is actually not that bad - despite the pom poms and frill type shoulder bits. I think it is the color more than anything that will mean it stays an in-house vest. I tried to get a good pic of her in it before but to no avail - Granny K did walk in though and was tickled 'pink' that Marina was wearing it again today.

The English lesson at the primary school went well. It would appear that I have graduated from gaijin to 'sensei' finally. Up until yesterday's lesson all four teachers (I teach four classes at once - but is only total of 31 kids) have come to every lesson. One of the teachers fancies himself as quite the English speaker and will often stand beside me and translate a lot of what I say - for this reason I try and use a lot of English. Yesterday however he was AWOL and I had an activity that I felt needed some Japanese explanation. So that I did. Explained it in Japanese. The next thing you know and the gaijin shield has been lifted and I am bombarded throughout the rest of the exercise with 'sensei, what is this in English.... rah rah' Was quite a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, from next month the sixth year students will have moved on to Junior High and I will have a new lot come in as third years. The soon-to-be third years are the only kids I don't know yet. Only six of them though!!

Last night the mother AND father of one of my private English boy's turned up - with their five year old son. I teach the son in my kindy kids class, along with one other boy and three girls. The two boys will quite often rark each other up and I do end up spending a lot of time telling them to quieten down, sit down, stop trying to climb on the TV etc. One of the mothers always sits at the back and at the start that intimidated me but not now - the boys get as good as they give. 'Sit down and join in the class or you can stand outside in the rain' - quite effective.

Anyway, last week the more 'energetic' of the two boys hit my tummy. It wasn't on purpose and to be honest I can't really remember it although I do remember telling him off and explaining about the baby. It was more like a knock to my tummy on passing. I didn't think anything more of it but yesterday the boy told his mum about it - silly boy. I saw them as I was picking Shou up from kindy and I must have looked a bit disheveled and worse for wears. They must have given the boy a good telling off at home because when they arrived here he was very upset - and saying 'gomenasai' (sorry) through his snotty, tear stained jumper sleeve. The parents appologised profusely. They obviously weren't going to leave until the son had appologised to their satisfaction. I tried to make it easier for him but really it was a bit of a huuha but then I guess the parents didn't know how hard he had hit me and while I was assuring them that it really wasn't anything to worry about they probably thought I was being Japanese about it - in which case I would be continuing to say 'no no, everything is fine', as I lay in a hospital bed.

I have that class again this afternoon and I imagine that the boy would have been frightened into sitting seiza (on his knees) the whole lesson by his father :(

Shou had 'tea ceremony' at kindy yesterday. They go to the local hall and some of the local vestling tea ceremony experts come and make them tea and teach them tea ceremony protocol. They kneel and say a few memorized phrases, drink their tea and eat their sweets. Would loved to have seen it because he was very cute practicing the kneeling, bowing and gochisousamadeshita. When I picked him up I asked him about it and he said...

'Kakkoyoku nomimashita yo'
which could mean he 'drank it all in just the right way' but I am going to translate it a bit more loosely as 'I drank it like a man!'
My little boy. Drinking green tea like a man already. Where does the time go?

Pity he can't get dressed, pee and eat all his dinner like a man too.

Well, have just had a call from hub to ask about my personal insurance. I don't think it means he is sitting at work plotting to bury me under the daikon patch in Granny K's vege garden, but more that he needs the insurance certificate to add to the paperwork for my tax shite that he is doing. I better go find it. Will start by looking under 'insurance' in my filing box but knowing the state of me half the time it could well appear from the nappy bag or inside the freezer.


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thefukases said...

Oooh Amy and Marina can open a mini vestling shop- we have the one with the crochet bear and rabbit pockets, the one knitted from some kind of chunky lumpy wool and the one with the glomesh threads all through it. We are a little luckier though as we only have to remember to put them in the suitcase when we go to Fukushima. ;P