Monday, 30 March 2009

The last of the Good

Today was probably the last day for the next two or three years of weekdays that hub was home at half past five. He knows this of course too and was an absolute gem. He is at this moment putting Shou to bed. Tomorrow is his last day in the local office and there is a leaving dinner for the twenty sixty year olds who are retiring, following which hub has to take his shite to the new office half an hour away.

The tax section he is in charge of is in a busy time right now - a busy time that won't ease up until the last day in May. So the next two months will be reliving our trip home - except of course both the kids will be at daycare during the day and I will be getting as fat as a house. Well on the way already in fact. The tum is now officially in the way of everything. It is impossible to look after a two and a one year old without bending over for some reason or another. Ah well, the bunster will just have to get good at headstands and back flips.

Really not much to report today. Shopping, raking the leaves, playing outside in the sun, mopping the floors, making nikujaga for dinner, shining the bench rah rah.

This morning Marina wouldn't have any breakfast. I got up for a brief second to put more wood on the fire and Shou sat in my place and then proceeded to feed Marina ALL her breakfast. She ate everything!! Considering some days it is hard to get him to even feed himself this was boardering on a miracle. The teacher at kindy will like that if it means there's one less littley to feed. They were also extremely cute playing together after their bath. Love those moments.

Tomorrow I think I will post a list of all the jobs I have told myself I will get down during the two months I have while Shou and Marina are both at kindy and the bunster is still on the inside. Seeing the list in print might actually shock me into doing some of it.

Right, better jump in the bath before sasuke starts on TV - do love it.

Tomorrow - last day before my little girl goes to day care :(

Or is it a bit of :) too.




illahee said...

aw. it's so nice when your kids do cute stuff! mine were hell on wheels today, very bad day. i need a vacay!

Nay said...

oh Shou feeding Marina is too cute for words!! It would have made a wonderful photo!

I'm sorry to hear that your hub is going tobe really busy for the next month... it must be difficult not having him around to help out. I never thought I would say this but I really am not liking the fact Naoki has no overtime... it's getting quite stressful actually!

Just think if the bunster is getting pratice at gymnastics now, imagine what he will be able to achieve later down in the track... you might just have a Olympian in the making, lol!

Jo Tomooka said...

I used to use Emily as slave labour in the feeding department too. For some reason Masaki was far happier eating from her spoon than from mine!
Sounds like you are in for a busy time. Let me know anytime I can help you out. No Granny K report today?

anchan said...

Oh how lovely - you'll be able to put your feet up and watch telly (and not just kids' stuff)! Or go shopping, get your hair done, have a pedicure, hang out in posh cafes... can you tell I'm a tad envious?

Lulu said...

Oh so cute that Shou was feeding Marina- he must have noticed you needed the break!

Shame about hubs work getting further away :( - hope it is not too bad for him (or you!)

Oh Marina is off to kindy- I have been reading your blog pretty much since you started it and it is so hard to believe that she is now ready for kindy. Hope it all goes well!