Saturday, 28 March 2009

Last 2 days

No, I haven't been spending two days with a spade, lugging a body in a blue sheet. Granny K has been wisely keeping her distance. I have spoken to her maybe twice. I have heard her a couple of times on the verge of coming in here and I have spoken very loudly to whichever of the kids about how it is just about time for dinner, bath, bed rah rah. That has seemed to curb her barging in urge and we have been able to continue on with routine without interuption. That said, she has still had time with the kids though. I haven't been a complete nazi bitch and not let her see her grandkids at all. Although I must admit scouting the room for scissors and other hair cutting equipment when she is around :p

I found out the other day that come April, half of Shou's current little kids group at day care will be moving up to the bigger kids class. All the one's that have turned three since last April. This means that Shou and only one other little girl will be left. Marina of course joins the class and one other girl is starting too. So, Shou will be the oldest by about a year and will be surrounded by girls. This has made me feel a lot better about sending Marina, as I think it will be better for Shou now too. Of course the whole day isn't just spent in their little group. The general play times and outside time, walks etc are with the bigger kids so he will still get a chance to flirt with his older woman, fight with the other blokes and in general pretend to be one of the big kids. Very important when for the other half of the day he will be surrounded by girls who can't really converse with him, join in on conversations about fire engines and snakes. He will go from being the second youngest in the class to the oldest in one day which may mean he gets less teacher time and will be in need of more mummy time when he gets home. But that's OK, he has been getting cute again lately - inbetween the spawn of devil child moments.

Hub didn't get home till eleven on Thursday night and I hope to god that isn't a preview of things to come after he starts his new post. It was job handover related stuff so here's hoping it was a one off, or at least a very rare occurance. I didn't marry a rural civil servant so that I could be at home and never see my husband, as if he was a salary man in Tokyo. He did however manage to get yesterday off. He told me on Thursday so I had to mail solar panal man's wife and cancel our pie bake off that had been scheduled for yesterday.

Hub spent a few hours in the morning collecting more wood and then we took Marina and went to sushi - finally. How many times have we been meaning to go and not made it? Marina didn't eat anything - except a couple of hot chips which she ate like she was eating corn on the cob - but hub and I had loads. Yum yum. We got home and all had a nap. Love the kids when they decide nap times can be together.

I haven't had to go into either Marina or Shou's room at night for about a week - this is bloody fantastic news as the nights are getting shorter now the tum is getting bigger and I can't get in a good position, and have to pee 24/7. Both of the kids have had crying out moments and one night it sounded like Shou was trying to run away from a helicoper with a troll and a concrete mixer. I have given up trying to figure out his dreams!!

Hub has just walked in the door now from the first of this end of year and change of posts season's drinking things. Fortunately it was just over the road - and I mean just over the road. The local hall is our second closest neighbour. Not far to stumble at all. Actually, to his credit there was no stumbling and he walked in with a big thing of juice, tea and a bottle of Japanese shochu - his drop of choice. The dinner didn't cost anything and he came home with free goods. On top of that he is now washing the dishes and then we are hoping in the bath. Wink wink.

I would have put wink wink, nudge nudge, but he got the nudge nudge part of that last night so might only be up for some wink wink tonight. He tried to get a leg over when we had a wee nap this arvo but I had to draw the line. It's ok for him, he only had a tummy full of lunch noodles. I had lunch noodles and a baby in there and I really just couldn't muster the energy. He did try to encourage me by saying I hardly had to do anything though. How very romantic.

Rightio, dishes are done. Off we go...

nighty night campers


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