Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hayfever Shmayfever

Hayfever Shmayfever...

That's what I used to think of all those silly people wearing masks - or more close to home, hub with tissues stuffed up his nose. Just blow your god damn nose and be done with it.

Apologies hayfeverlings, it appears that I have joined your ranks and I am up at five am on a Sunday morning with a box of tissues to prove it. I have a scalding cup of tea, half of which I have just poured down my throat to burn the hayfever bastards in there. Now, if I only I could find a way to snort it through my damn nose.

I have never had even an inkling of hayfever before and here it is, full onslaught in a matter of hours. Before getting to sleep hub made a comment about yesterday being a prime hayfever day and had I bashed the futons silly before bringing them inside. The usual hayfeverless gaijin wife would have made a comment about prime hayfever days (snort giggle giggle) and bashing things senseless and how hard it was sometimes to even get the damn futons out to air. Not the new hayfever primed gaijinwife.

God damn it - I invited the hayfever bastards into my home. At four am I decided to vacate to Shou's room where I knew a futon that hadn't made it outside yesterday awaited. Six and a half minutes later and I realised the t-shirt I was wearing had been outside. Seven minutes later and I was coming down the stairs ripping off my t-shirt. Eight minutes later and one top half naked gaijinwife has tissues stuffed up her nose while she finds a top that hasn't been infested.

So here I am, the fire is on and I am almost onto my second cup of tea.

I have seen the hayfever products on TV but any advice on good shite to spray on futons or washing would be good.

Thank you my fellow hayfeverlings.

Have a good Sunday.


illahee said...

i don't have hayfever (yet) but i do vacuum the heck out of my futons with my dyson instead of beating (i'm not really good at beating and besides, the dust just flies around and i think it gets in my hair. ew.)

sorry you're feeling yuck. hope it goes away soon!

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Hi Gaijinwife
I have had hayfever since I was 7, in england, Germany and now Japan. In my experience one can sod around with the over the counter shite here- however it doesn't work. All this Japanese "lightly spray your house, clothes and bedding" crap is just too labour intensive. Go see an ENT and the good news is that in 2006 they licensed the US and UK hayfever drugs. I got tablets and a spray and boy do they work.

I know they do sprays you can use whilst pregnant because my boss was 5 months last May in Nagoya and I marched her to see my doc because she was soooooo miserable.


Lulu said...

Oh your poor thing.

Maybe it is the bunster that is causing it?? If you don`t usually get it.

I have allergies to mosquitos/sand flies but no hayfever I don`t think. Shun`s brother gets it really bad and doses himself up on something and even wears maks INSIDE the house..

Hope it dissapears soon!

anchan said...

My hayfever suddenly got really bad last week and I'm using the nose spray as well as tablets (don't think you can take the tablets while preggers) and I feel much, much better. Putting a dab of vaseline around your nostrils is supposed to help (catches some of the pollen!) but not a great look... then again, neither is a nose streaming with snot! Also, I bought some kind of tea from the chemist which is supposed to help (and was OK during pregnancy and breastfeeding). Feeling crap is the last thing you need - go see an allergist tomorrow!

kasandora said...

have you tried the new invisible mask that you stuff up your nose? I've heard they are great....

hey, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor....Hub and I are headed to NZ in June for a bit of a vacay....I was wondering if you could recommend some places on south island? (not touristy, looking for sheep and beautiful scenery....) If you have time :)

gaijin wife said...

Kasandora - I hope you read this. I tried posting a comment on your blog but computer is having a spaz tonight and won't show any verification words :(

I'm jealous!!
June is getting a little bit colder to travel but you should miss a lot of the tourists which will be good. Shitloads of sheep and beautiful scenery everywhere in the south Island. I would recommend the top of the south island - Nelson. Don't think Nelso gets crap weather. Good wine and food and some great walkways and quite an artisty town. The Queen Charlette Sounds are beautiful. You could go whale watching in Kaikoura - but that's on a boat with a toddler!! The west coast is meant to be very nice but I think can be a bit hard if the weather turns snowy and shit. The bottom of the South Island - Mount Cook, Milford Sound - all very spectacular. Some great bungy jumping to be had at 'skippers canyon' if either of you are up for that!!

Depending on time, hiring a car and sorting out a tentative plan (harder to do with a baby in tow I know) would be the most fun and probably the easiest way to travel with a baby - stopping when you want.

Yay for mid-year vacations.

Of the top of my head I think there is a 100% pure NZ tourism sight that might have some ideas for off the beaten track holidays.

Jo Tomooka said...

I'm thinking I might have joined the hayfever sufferers. It does seem to hit people out of the blue. It is a good excuse not to hang the duvets outside too often! Hope it all works out for you soon...

kasandora said...

Thanks a ton! I found a website for farmstays and am definitely considering that since I am so obsessed with sheep and wool...and my husband can enjoy the scenery, go for a hike or two and just relax....thanks so much for the info!

Gina said...

Thanks for the message. It's refreshing to read another foreign woman's marital/domestic/maternal experiences in Japan. My two are 20 months apart. Alexa was just 1 last wkend and James will be 3 in June (6.6.6, the little devil!)

Never met my mother-in-law so no creative fuel for my blog there I'm afraid. There's a link to my blog on the Tokyo Mothers' Group webpage so you may get more readers dropping by!

Oh yeah, the bunkbeds have been a success and James sleeps on both the top and the bottom bunks and has never fallen out. I'm more worried about Alexa toppling out when I transfer her to the bottom bunk. She really does like climbing and so will place a futon on the floor next to the beds for a soft landing should she lean over the bed rail too far.

Hope the hayfever clears up soon.

Looking forward to reading more...

Midori said...

I have never had hayfever but I do have quite bad dog allergies which result in similar symptoms and it is a real nightmare so I feel your pain. Hopefully the symptoms will pass you by!