Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

It was a lovely day today. Blue sky, no wind. Hopefully there wasn't much pollen in the air because I hung all the washing outside and the fire stopped getting stoked at about 10am. I even got the whole shaggy hide all stains rug in the washing machine and dry by the end of the day. What an achievement. I do believe it is now looking a bit shaggier than it did before but at least it smells nicer.

Marina and I had lots of us time despite her huge morning nap. We danced to Abba up insanely loud. Granny K was still at the doctor's so we could groove round the hallway. She is getting better at her turns :) A lot of her dancing still just involves a lot of waving and stomping but.

Granny K got back from the docs well after lunch. She didn't divulge any information, and I didn't ask. Was gagging to know though.

Marina and I went for a huge walk - about an hour. Has been a very long while since I last did that and I think hub will have a bit of a job massaging the elephant ankles away this evening. Not too bad really - but I was knackered. Had to come home and have a nap - the first nap of the year with the afternoon sun on the bed. Don't you just love that.

I got a call from a friend this arvo. She had so much news I just about had to sit down to take it all in. I was thinking, my god, imagine if she was pregnant too - and what do you know but the next bit of news to come out of her mouth was hey, and guess what, I'm pregnant. Bloody hell, doesn't rain it bloody pours - but in a good way. Damn Monsoon about to happen at their place. Change of abode, maybe even change of country. Hub with most probably change in job and all through this said friend will be throwing up with morning sickness. Good luck friend - and keep me posted. Let me have smaller bits of information at a time. Just about went into early labour.

Hub had a trip to the city for work today - which was nice because he went off to work in his business trip suit which is quite scrummy. He wasn't home in time for bath time so Shou, Marina and I jumped in together - minus my jumping. Shou usually takes a whiz before he gets in the bath - and while I realise it would be good practice to get him to go to the actual toilet first sometimes it just doesnt happen and he pees down the drain in the bathroom - which is one big plastic mold with a bath and shower. What do you call it? A wet room? Anyway, his aim is getting a lot better but today he must have been tired and he pee-ed all over Marina - who was still in her clothes because she had snaked past me into the bathroom as I was peeling my trousers off over my big belly.

Shou got told off for peeing all over his sister which led to a huge commotion from him which in turn set Marina off and for about five minutes the two of them were screaming blue murder and had the guy from down the road not been on his tractor two meters outside the bathroom window I would have joined them. As it was I heard the door handle turn - no doubt Granny K coming into investigate what I was doing to the children. I had locked the bathroom door though so her knob turning was in vain.

We finally managed to have some happy happy joy joy splish splash time and hub arrived home just as we were getting out.

They are both now asleep and I am going to have to head what way too - after an ankle rub. Sleepy sleepy.

Ooooh, should clarify here that when I use the term kindy I should probably be using day care. In Japanese it is hoikuen that Shou and soon Marina will be at. It is full time with no option of just doing half days or so many days per week - well you could I guess but it is one set price. The yochien (kindy) closest to us is a two year one for the two years before starting primary school. It is actually in the same building as the day care which is nice and the little kids and big kids do quite a bit together.

Anyhoo, must...get...ankle...rub...



Sara said...

LOL @ Shou peeing on a Marina... that will be a great story for the future to embarrass them both. Hope you get a nice ankle massage tonight!

PS - my husband looks pretty yummy in a business suit too!! :D

illahee said...

oh man, the number of times hiro has been told off...and now that i have tommy. *sigh* poor sasha LOL

should i be mad that yoshi taught hiro to pee in the bath?? at our old house the toilet was miles (well, kinda) away from the bath and in the winter, it was too darn cold to take a nakid toddler to the toilet so...i guess peeing in the bath room isn't so bad. unavoidable even.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

James did a wee all over his sister as she was sitting in the baby bath once too. Trying to get him to wee in the loo is near impossible, but he will wee in the shower no problem! I just wonder how many times he has actually weed in the bath when we were in there together!

Thanks for clarifying about the "kindy" - stupid me! I should have realised you meant hoikuen. Shou is the same age a my son, isn't he?

Gina said...

Good morning, yeah I hope Spring has finally sprung, as well. : )

And LOL at the Shou peeing on his sister thing. Poor Marina, she's such a little sweetheart though.

Enjoy that ankle massage! : )

gaijin wife said...

Chysanthemum mum - I think James is only about a week or two older than Shou? Shou turns three on June 17. I was envious when I read your post on James' haircut - we still haven't cut Shou's hair although I must admit there is one bit hanging down the back that is way longer than the rest and that definately puts him in mullet territory.

I try not to think about the actual wee in the bath - use the head in the sand Ostrich technique for that.

Midori said...

Spring has sprung in London as well- it has been really beautiful over the past few days!!

I try and encourage Joey to pee before he gets into the bath but if I forget, he always starts as soon as I turn the shower on, I have been told it is a boy thing and much as we may try and control it, it probably won't work.

As for the business suit thing, one of the things I love about my commute every morning is all the good-looking blokes on the train in their suits. Put a normal man in a suit or even better black tie and it completely transforms them! :-)

kuri & ping said...

I totally agree with Midori's comment about men in suits! :)

Peeing in the bathroom...I guess that would be something we could look forward to with a second child, huh? :)