Monday, 23 March 2009

Girl's night away

As I left the kunimi boundry this morning I felt a weight lift. A little bit later and some more lifted. I swear by the time I got to Beppu I must have been down to about sixty kg! Knowing that rapid weight loss isnt good for the baby I promptly made plans to meet a friend at starbucks after marina and the bunster had had a nap.

Had great gossip over my orange honey latte. Friend went back to work and I rang another friend on the off chance she would be free. She was. She asked if wanted to take Marina to a park. Have parks in Kunimi but. What dont we have in an eighty mile radius of the vestling patch? Thinking, thinking. Aha. Mister Donuts. So, after a thirty minute stroll round town I had another latte and gossip. And of course a donut.

Marina and I got back to apartment, had dinner and a bath, rang home to say good night to Shou and daddy and now Marina is asleep in the hall! The apartment has a dining kitchen area and a tatami mat room. The sliding doors have been taken out and I cant find them anywhere. Hence why the porta cot is in the hall. There are a lot of night noises being in the city and in an apartment building.

Thankyou for the words of support. Its nice to know am not alone in thinking granny k was totally out of order.



Nay said...

I'm glad to hear that you are having a nice relaxing time away from home.

I couldn't believe what granny K did... You handled yourself a lot better than I would have done... trust me!

I wish I had some sort of solution to your granny K problem... Its upsetting knowing what you have to go through most days just because of her. *HUGS*

ローラ said...

I can't believe you live with your mother(?)-in-law! That sounds godawful. My husband Takeshi and I had to live with his family for about 6 months after moving to Japan, and I thought I could handle it!

By the time we left, my stress level was up in the clouds. A clash of cultures! Not pretty. And they didn't know much (or any) English, and I am still learning Japanese, myself. Frustrationx2!

It was mostly his grandmother and his mother who pretty much bossed me around and "tutored" me in the ways of proper housewife duties, as it were. Sometimes I just had to go upstairs in our room and cry out of anger and dispair. Ugh. But NOW Takeshi and I have our own place, THANK GOD, and my relationship with the women of his family is SO MUCH better now. Whew.

But really - I can relate to your situation so much. I know what it's like to have to live with Japanese in-laws! Stay strong. :)

Lulu said...

So glad you got some time away- definitely well deserved.

Glad Marina and the bunster had a sleep while you could drink your coffee (hope it didn`t keep the bunster up later though!)

Big hugs from Brissie

Anonymous said...

Hey, Have been meaning to call, but this is my crazy week and then time goes and I haven't. Will make the effort tomorrow afternoon if you are going to be home. Will be around 10am your time. Text if it doesn't suit. Miss you! Ang xx

Midori said...

Glad you got to have a night away. I know the feeling of relief you are talking about, that is the same one I get when I walk out of my parents` house every morning. Sounds like nights away in Beppu might have to be more of a regular occurence!!