Monday, 9 March 2009

Forever single.

The hina dolls are on the floor waiting to be dusted and put in their box properly. Today is the 9th - so six days past the 'girl's day' festival. If Marina gets a string of fuckwit boyfriends and can't find one to commit when she is feeling at the right age then she can always blame it all on mummy and those bloody hina dolls that didn't get put away for six whole days the year before she turned two. I take full responsibility.

The truth be known daddy would probbably bash any fuckwit boyfriends that gave her the run round - or rather any boy that tried so much as look at her in the 'awwww cricky, wouldn't mind me a bit of that' way anytime before she is about thirty. Poor girl. We are going to have to rally together to work out stories to fool daddy.

'No darling no darling, she is not out with that hoodlam bogan studying to be a lawyer bloke, she is at the library stuyding for her caregivers exam so she can look after us in our old age'

'No darling no darling, the only reason she isn't at home celebrating her twenty fifth birthday with her parents is because she is out buying some new wool to knit you a cardie' (ten minutes later on phone to Marina - for god sake make sure your buttons are done up and your knickers are on the right way round when you get home)

Yesterday was quite unexpected. No, the kids didn't sit down and draw and do puzzles quietly all day or anything insanly stupid like that, Granny K was noticebly absent ALL day. I got a quick glance of a vest flying behind her as she dashed out the door at about half eight and that was it.

Shou and Marina were actually very good, even though Shou still managed to take out every toy we own and spread them quite successfully over three rooms. Marina was content with playing with a sum total of three toys quietly in the corner of the lounge. I made piklets for morning tea - while Shou took out all the pots and pans, BBQ tongs and spatula and made mummy some coffee (??). Thank god all it usually takes me is a cup and a spoon.

After lunch I managed again somehow to get all three and a half of us down for a nap. We got up at three just in time for the FBC (foreign buyers club) delivery of timtams (on special they were), cheesecake mix (ditto), chicken korma, taco spice mix and a bag of googly stick on eyes. What the ... ?? I always get at least one surprise when I open an order - especially if I have been pregnant at time order was placed.

We then piled into the car and went to see daddy at work. We arrived at the town office approximately three and a half minutes later at the exact same time that all town office employees (bar the tax men who were upstairs doing tax returns) and education related person and random other people, were exiting the town hall after a speech on 'jinken' - human relations?? No, that doesn't sound right.

(three minutes later)

Human Rights - of course. God, if it had been on human relations I could have done a wee segment on international relations. I'm probably not quite as much a specialist in the area as I was back in the days of singledom and drunken nights out, but I think I could hold my own for a good five minutes or so.

Hub was just finishing up when we arrived so after he packed his papers away he took Shou for a look at the town office fire engine - the same one Shou gets a look at every time he goes there but which still holds the same excitement for him as it did the first time a year ago. Sometimes I wish I could look at hub and say the same thing.

The kids were good over the dinner and bath time and by half seven they were both asleep and i was getting an ankle rub. The day could have been a lot more chaotic and stressful but it turned out just fine.

On the hayfever front - thanks for all the advice. Yesterday day was absolutely fine as was nap time where Shou and I slept in our bed - our bed that had the same futons they had had on the night before. I got a pretty good sleep last night - well, nothing bar Shou waking up once. I didn't go through a box of tissues or need to scald hayfever bastards from my throat this morning. I can only think it was a particularly bad pollen day the day before and that the blame can be put onto the t-shirt that I had worn to bed.

Lets hope the hayfever gods are smiling and have decided the throat and nostrils of this gaijinwife aren't that much of a fun place to hang out it.


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thefukases said...

Marina still has a chance with a lad from nagano. We don't even get our dolls out until March 3rd and they stay out until April 3rd. So if anyone gives you grief over it you can say you're doing it Nagano style. :)

Love the excuses for Daddy. Would you start a 'dial an excuse' hotline for me? DH is similarly convinced his precious angels are not ever, ever going to have boyfriends and I think he just might be in for a shock...