Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The first of the bad?

Was just thinking that if yesterday was the 'last of the good' then that should make today the 'first of the bad', and it definately wasn't that. It had a lot going on I guess and hub has only just walked in the door now but been there, done that, I think we might manage. Until the bunster arrives at least and then I do believe all hell will break loose. But until then...

The morning started off as one of those very pregnant ones. You know, where you brush your teeth with your hub's facewash by mistake because it is in a blue and white tube as well. Got rid of any blackheads on my tongue at least! I then realised in the toilet at the conbini on the way to the hospital that I had the black hangy strip thing of my jumper around my neck too. That bit that is there to make it easier to hang on a coat hanger! I can't really explain how it ended up where it did, it wasn't even tight and kind of just looked like a loose black silk choker. Not quite sure if I can start a fashion trend, but you never know. Scrunchies are back in fashion aren't they?

I took Marina to the doctors for some snotty nose and cough drugs. She has been having the chemist stuff for about four days and not getting better so lets hope the same old drugs we always get from the doctors actually decide to work this time and fix it before it gets worse. She hasn't got a temp though so she will be off to kindy tomorrow :) After her doctors visit we then went for mine.

I wasn't scheduled to go until this Saturday for my thirty week check - but I had a good three hours last night where an unexplanable pain in my tum kept me awake and very worried, as even third time mothers get. It was fine by the morning but by then you have already convinced yourself you can't feel the baby moving any more and that it has drowned in a sea of australian cheddar and cadbury cream eggs. The carpark for my clinic was empty and I initially thought perhaps they weren't doing checks today but they were, and I have now decided that Tuesday mornings will be my check-up day! Marina had the whole waiting hall to run rampage in, so that she did. She was over the pretty tired hump and resembling what I imagine Carl Lewis on speed would be like, albeit in pink trackpants with the words princess written across the bum!

My check went fine and everything with the bunster is perfectly normal. Having the check today means I don't need to go on Saturday - which is good as I was going to go after hub had dropped Granny K off at the train station. Unfortunately there are no slow boats to China that leave from that particular station. I 'overheard' her on the phone to the eldest son last night. She is going to stay the night this Saturday and hub has to take her to the closest train station which is fifty minutes away - and about ten minutes from my ladies clinic.

I am of course wondering how she will get back from the station on Sunday - what with husband having to work all day for the 'economic incentive' money scheme the Japanese government is doing and her probably not having the guts to ask me to come and pick her up. The other option is that eldest son will drive her back on the Sunday and then maybe expect a family meeting because according to sister in law he is going to talk to Granny K on her own while she is there on Saturday night. Bugger bugger fuck. Hopefully they arrive when the kids are in full todler mode, hurling toys round the house and screaming at each other.

I have almost got Marina's stuff sorted for kindy. I have huge bag of changes of clothes - mainly Shou's handme-downs. She has her spoon and fork set, bum wipes, box of tissues, milk and I just need to put in a bottle and her nap kit - which is up in her room and still to be named. I have just been writing the first kanji of our surname on everything though. Dreams of having my kids stuff perfectly named with hand sewn name tags.... out the window a long time ago.

I think I was going to post list of things to do - but am going to flag it tonight as I think ankle rub is more important!


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