Saturday, 21 March 2009

Early Riser

Spring has definately sprung - how can I tell? It is getting lighter outside in the morning and it is getting harder to fool Shou that ten to six is still the middle of the night.

After taking Shou to kindy hub spent the morning plowing Granny K's vege patch out the back and collecting loads of firewood. I cleaned and pottered round in my PJs until it was indecent not to.

We had to go on a chainsaw and nappy buying expedition which also involved a lunch stop and stock up on everything else we need. Supermarket shopping continues to baffle hub who thinks two baskets of shopping is somehow only going to come to three thousand yen. I think today is the first time I went round the whole supermarket thinking about prices and total cost. Half the shop ended up being 'top value' which is like no frills supermarket brand.

We ended up having a big talk about finances and my god are we so in no way to be packing Granny K off to anywhere!! We talked about the house loan at the end of last year. For the first three years after building the interest rate was only 1. something percent. With the current climate we decided to get a ten year fixed rate instead of a three year / three year / three year changing one. We are now therefore on 2.6 or something for the next ten years - which to people in New Zealand will seem unbelieveable. It means our monthly expenses go up 150 dollars a month. Not much but enough to feel. Likewise with the new car loan, Marina's cheap ass but still 150 dollars kindy fees and then you get things like house tax - which is half price for the first three years. Car warrent / car insurance / rah rah rah bloody rah. If it's not one thing it's another. I am going to have to get handy with a calculater and become a housekeeping and budget queen. This wole being a responsible adult lark can be very scary sometimes.

Maybe once the milk comes in I can flag the weekly shopping and the whole family can grow big and strong on gaijin boob.

Anyway, finances is far too depressing for a saturday night. After our outing we got back and Marina, Hub and I had a nice long nap and got up feeling very refreshed (wink wink nudge nudge). The neighbours grandson came round with his friend (both five) and demanded hub go and pick Shou up early from kindy so they could play in the garden. This eventuated and even Marina went out for a play - looking very pretty in her nice vest.

Granny K came in this morning at about 10 to see if Marina was awake because she hadn't seen her since Friday really and wanted a bit of Granny time. I said she was having a nap but wouldn't be far off waking. Granny K went into her room and came out five seconds latter proclaiming Marina was crying. I went up to check to find her snoring away in peaceful slumber. Tis what happens when you have your TV up on about twenty volume.

She got her play time though and Marina loved every second of it.

Saturday night nabe nabe again tonight - but maybe the last one of the season :( Think Granny K has stopped growing hakusai (chinese cabbage). What veges are next?

Well, a very boring post tonight. Nothing too exciting to report as it was a very normal Saturday. The kids weren't overly naughty - and in fact Marina is being extremely cute lately and comes up (backwards) to sit on your lap for a story. She is also getting a bit stroppy but - taking after her brother (and more likely her mother)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and not shitting about how you are going to make it to the next pay check while still being able to eat the occasional bit of meat and fish. Think I need to find another English class from April. That will sort things out a bit.



Midori said...

I feel your financial pain. I was working out my budget for when I move out and it made me want to change my mind! ;-) At least you have the option of increasing English is never a nice feeling but at least you have had the discussion now so you know what you have ahead!

Lulu said...

Oh how I hate finance and budget chit chat- well I don`t mind it but I hate how it makes me feel. I have no idea how I have spent the year living in Australia, rent free basically and just paying for keitai, internet and food how I have managed to save barely nothing. Sure we had wedding expenses but still. Makes me want to run for the hills. I am so terrible with money...

Had to laugh at the gaijin boob joke though. lol!