Friday, 6 March 2009

Cook Off

I had forgotten that today was an 'obento' day for Shou's lunch. He was supposed to take a packed lunch with him. It was written on the 'things happening in March' notice I had stuck on the fridge from the kindy but hey, unless it's in English, underlined and highlighted I tend to forget. Hub took Shou to kindy and I got a phone call from him ten minutes later saying I had forty minutes to get an obentou to the kindy. Gutted. I had already made hub's one and the bunster had cleaned up the leftover egg roll and the like so I had to start again. Not a biggy, just unneccesary as something that could have been prevented had I been more on to it.

Obento delivered, house tidy, washing done, English dosh banked, Marina asleep and I found a whole hour to nap - and nap I did. Marina's energetic wailing woke me up at half eleven and we got up and had a play and got some lunch sorted.

Solar panel man's wife arrived at half twelve for our bake off extravaganza. In between waking up and her arriving and playing with Marina and eating lunch I somehow managed to whip up a mince pie - not from scratch I admit. Well, the mince bit was but the pastry was bought yesterday. I found some in the local supermarket. Gasp, shock horror. Almost feel need to go and buy the whole stock just in joy at being able to buy pastry. Is the same supermarket that went through a summer a few years back of selling hokey pokey icecream. Extremely random but I bought it just the same.

The terimisu and cake we made both turned out well, although the terimisu was heavily laced (??) with brandy. Anpanman ended up having pink cheeks and nose but was very cute just the same. He is still cute despite having been chopped in half down the middle of the face. My half is in the fridge and will be cut up tomorrow for Granny K's birthday. Solar panal man's wife said I should give her the terimisu - that was before we had tried it and realised it probably would have knocked her out for a good 48 hours with the amount of brandy in it. Not a bad thing though - having Granny K KO-ed for two days. I wonder if it's too late to sneak some beverages into the middle of anpanman's head. I think Marina's cough meddy stuff makes her sleepy so I could always use some of that.

Would you believe (I couldn't) that Granny K came in this morning and apologized for the burn marks on the floor. Shou noticed them this morning too and said that Granny K wasn't allowed to go near the fire until 'okikunatte kara' (she got older) - that's the excuse he gets for things. I tried to explain that she was older and that once you get to a certain age there is no getting older in a good way. All down hill from here. Give her a few more years and she will be the one that can't get her trousers down to go to the loo, or feed herself properly. Arrrghhh, I don't wont to get old.

Well, not just yet anyway.

Hub worked late tonight and I was too past it to care that Shou took his dinner into Granny K's room. I usually make him eat in here - where we eat. But tonight I didn't really care - I was tired and trying to feed Marina and watch Project Runway at the same time. Must say is harder to multitask when pregnant. He came back in twenty minutes later, just as the credits were rolling, with an empty plate. Yay. He either really did eat everything or half of it has joined the vege patch on Granny K's floor.

Tomorrow hub, Marina and I are off to take hub's car for it's free something mileage service, via the hospital since it has been four weeks since my last check up. Not looking forward to it really but best to go for the bunster's sake. I am a bit gutted because I thought I was 28 weeks and am damn well only 26 which means I have another two weeks of eating air and crunching on ice cubes. The doctor is going to go ape shit at my weight - and possible my blood pressure. I will try and assure him that it was a lot higher last Saturday after run in with Granny K.

The weight gain is my own fault. Too many pies (literally), anpanman cakes and terimisu and not enough nice weather to get out walking with Marina and her cough. I don't think the bunster would appreciate Billy's Boot Camp or trying to Core Rythm my way to a healthier labour weight. They will have to stay boxed under the stairs until at least a month post big head and limb extraction.

Well, must be time for bed.

nighty night campers.


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