Friday, 13 March 2009

As Predicted...

The kindy rang up this afternoon and I had to go and pick Shou up. It isn't the flu I don't think, he just has a case of the shits. If it was the verbal kind I would just presume it had been passed on from Granny K. The teacher said he went to the toilet four times - all after he had had lunch which today was a bit more upscale than usual because it was a birthday party lunch (which they have once a month) and the lunch to farewell the older kids who are leaving at the end of March. So, lots of food in both quantity and not normally consumed.

When I went to pick him up the teachers said I should take him to the doctors right then and that of course he would be taking tomorrow off sick. I said no, not going to doctors, he seems fine and doesn't have a temperature or any other symptoms apart from the shits. If he still had the shits tomorrow morning I would keep him home but otherwise he would be at kindy as usual. Shock Horror, bad mother of the year award again. But honestly, what a huha.

Came home and he ate a normal dinner, had a bath and went to bed without fuss. He usually has a toilet pit stop first thing in the morning so fingers crossed all is back in full working order by then. Talking about shit seems very normal now that there is so much of it in the house. Wouldn't have caught me blogging about this before the pregnant, kids and mother in law stuff came into the picture.

Talking of which, I got the lock changed on Granny K's door this morning. She was outside in the shed/room bit where her sewing machine is so she didn't even notice the door man come or leave. She said to hub earlier this evening that I had gone and done it and not even told her. But, that is just silliness seeing as she said her self 'sou shinasai' (you just do that then) yesterday during out spat. Shou did try and go in there this evening. Granny K came in and plonked a box of over ripe kiwifruit on our bench and walked out. Shou and Marina both love kiwifruit so they both automatically wanted some. I gave them what I could from one each. I have a feeling kiwifruits help speed your 'movements' up so I told Shou he would get more of a burny bum if he had any more kiwifruit on top of his case of the shits. He said he was going in to ask Granny if he could have it.

Luckily cunning mummy had locked the new lock alreay. The old lock is still there but doesn't actually work - is a dummy lock. Sneaky. He spotted the new lock but gave up after he realised he couldn't reach. There wasn't even any calling out to Granny or whining. I wonder if he just thought he had shrunk. Granny K is pretty short - I wonder if she will shrink with old age in which case give it a few more years and maybe even she wont be able to reach it and then I will be able to use it as a 'real' lock to keep the woman on the other side. The bliss.

So, there were no unnecessary outbursts this evening. Hub, who had mailed before lunch to say he was going to be working late and would be home at 8, turned up just before six. So whether he thought Shou was on the verge of the flu and could get out of his overtime, or guilty about going to pachinko while I was at home with Shou and a toilet full of 'geri' I will never know...

I really do need to get to the hosptial tomorrow regardless of whether Shou has to be at home or not, but if he is then I will be going on my own - all the better for getting told off about my weight though, without hub there. Although, it isn't as if my weightgain has gone unnoticed on the home front. In fact, over the last 27 weeks hub has managed to lose four of the kilos I have gained. So not fair.

Crap TV on tonight - although I must say satelite is still on their Mel Gibson run. Last night was Mad Max - thunderdome, another complete shite movie - of the three mintues I saw, and tonight is another one from back in the early days.

Time for the bed thing I think - and if the gods a smiling the ability to lose five kilos through osmosis.



thefukases said...

Ohhh I feel for you on the kinder and sickness thing! I have a constant battle with M's teacher. 'She has a runny nose, she's sick' 'She gets allergies and she's otherwise 100% genki. She's not sick.' Repeat each afternoon. grrrrr.

Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. Tell the doctor you're carrying a future All Black and they need extra feeding. ;P

Gina said...

I hope things go well for you at the doctors today!!! : )