Saturday, 14 March 2009

Another Saturday

Shou lasted the night and morning without further note-worthy toilet stops, so needless to say he was packed up and shipped off to kindy for the day as usual.

Hub and I had a big talk after we were in bed last night. I don't think we really ended up with conclusions to anything but for once the bunster hormones didn't have me in tears for no or hardly any reason. I was able to reason and think before I opened my mouth - pity I don't do the same thing on here. Tend to just type full steam ahead!!

Even though hub agrees our life would probably be easier living on our own, he said in the same breath that he is unable to tell Granny K she has to leave from 'her' home. If the only way I can go on is if she moves out then he will talk to the older brothers (actually probably only the oldest one) and get him to tell Granny K - and that that of course would mean that the brother and his wife would probably harbor not very nice feelings towards me for the rest of eternity. I find this hard to believe as I know my sister in law lives every day in thanks that Granny K is here and not there and I doubt my brother in law would hate me for it. It isn't going to happen though so no point getting tizzed up about it.

We spoke again about the pros and cons of moving into an apartment and as a stubborn woman, I refuse to give up 'my' home so a seventy year old woman can tred cabbage leaves into the carpet (so to speak - we don't actually have any carpet)

Therefore - we have to find a common ground, one that means we (which I take to mean mostly me) can live in somewhat peace and harmony. Ahem.

The door is a good start - Shou didn't go in there at all today and both the morning and evening went well and we had some great family time before bed - which was due mainly to me having had not Granny K related happenings or stress throughout the day. Hub said Granny K said (her uncle's brother said his wife said...) that she would be sad if she couldn't see the kids everyday. I replied with surely it was better to see them in a happy environment a few times a week than with the oni yome (devil daughter in law) breathing down your neck three times a day.

So, if today was anything to go by then maybe things will be on the improve. She has agreed to only step in when asked but we will see how long that lasts. I think the few big barneys over the last week or so have sent a message that has been lost in translation over the last three years. Go with the program or suffer the consequences - which would probably be us moving out to an apartment, living on the bones of our ass and me refusing to have anything to do with the woman and her losing another set of grandkids and being miserable.

Anyway, Granny K antics aside.

This morning we dropped Shou off as usual and then headed to the hospital to see the bunster on the big screen. I did my pee test and took my blood pressure and then waited for my turn in the nurses room for a pre-see the doctor consultation. This is standard procedure at my clinic. I get called in and, after standing on the scales, immediately told off for almost visible layer of Australian chedder around my midriff. Am thinking bloody shit crap, if the consulation nurse is giving me grief the doctor is going to have a field day.

Ten minutes later the gods are smiling and I hear the voice of the woman doctor calling me in to her parlor. I hop up on the bed and Hub and Marina and I get to see the bunster. The doctor gives a very detailed explanation of everything - no water in the brain, heart chambers all a pumping, spine and limbs all look fine rah rah. His head was down and to the side so we couldn't get a good look or a good 4D pic but hub still reckons the profile showed a gaijin nose!

Despite me having an excuse all ready (along the lines of 'I have a very heavy placenta') the doctor didn't make a single comment about my weight. Yay for another three weeks. I am to go back at thirty weeks.

After the clinic we went to the book shop so hub could get the 2009 naming your baby book. Hopefully he will find a good name that matches our surname, means the bunster will lead a happy and full life and one that of course pleases the gods, the position of the moon and the prevailing winds.

We then did a drive by of the kids shop to get Marina's stuff for kindy - a lunchbox, fork and spoon set and naptime futon. Couldn't go down the underwear isle without getting a four pack of construction vehicle boys undies for Shou - and more socks for everyone.

When we got home I went up the road to get a lady to sign a piece of paper verifying that I do work from home and am therefore unable to care for Marina during the day - hence why I am applying for a place for her at kindy. Is all a load of bollocks really. Pregnancy and the birth of another sibling only gets you two months at kindy so you have to prove you have a job - and if that isn't with an employer you have to have an appointed person to sign the correct papers for you. On the application we also need to say that Granny K grows vegetables and rice 24/7 and is therefore unable to look after the kids while I work!! Is unbelievable to think that some people out there may actually get refused places in childcare because the grandparents have the time to look after the kids - regardless of age and retard thinkingness.

Oh well, the application is going in on Monday and Marina will start on the first of April. I may just do half days for the first week depending on MY level of empty nest but just during the daytime syndrome. I am pretty sure that Marina will settle into the kindy routine quite quickly - especially with Shou in the same group.

What am I going to do for two months - apart from the obvious lying on the couch reading pregnancy magazines and watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy and Sex in the City. My sister, who has three girls, assures me I should not feel guilty about the down time before number three is born as after the bunster arrives there will never be any time ever ever again for at least the next eighteen years. Awesome.

Can someone tell me - is the difference between two and three kids bigger or smaller than the difference between one and two?? Can you even remember??

Shite, I nearly forgot. Despite having almost half a block of chedder still in the fridge I won't be able to get through it as fast as the first half because hub, the spaz, broke the damn cheese slice. He has seen me use this invention of the gods at least a dozen times so I stood in awed silence when he tried to use it like a knife going vetically down the block of cheese - and not like you are meant to do which is pulling it towards you across the top. You need to hold both ends to do it properly and when I explained the correct way to use it to hub he put in too much muscle and the whole thing snapped in half. Thanks for that darling.

Off to bed - we finally have a Sunday tomorrow that hub will be home. Hopefully it won't be as cold as it was today (absolutely bloody freezing) and Hub and Shou can go to the park and play wannabe builders out in the shed.



illahee said...

the difference for me was negligible. seriously, you could hardly tell i had a third baby. please keep in mind, though, i had three awesome sleepers, hiro was still napping in the afternoon and both hiro and sasha LOVE babies. well, hiro loves babies, sasha just loves hiro and does whatever he does.

i think you'll hardly notice the difference until the third one finds his voice and/or starts walking....

Lulu said...

I have no idea about the difference between two and three babes in the house- but I will come to you when I have one and am trying for a second so you can warn me off if need be!!!

Glad the bunster is doing well in there and that you did not get told off for the layer of cheddar! I have a friend pregnant at the moment and she is 8 months along and she has only but on 6kg her WHOLE pregnancy- Bitch I say! I am so not going to be that person!!!

Glad you could talk to hub about Granny K- I guess if you can find some common ground things might be better. I didn`t realize that it was *her* house- I just assumed it was yours and she lived there. I also assumed you guys had her cos hub was the oldest boy- but I guess not. I say shaft her off to the oldest!!!! I breathed a sigh of relief the day I found out Shun was not the oldest....mind you we had only been dating 2 weeks at the time but I think it sealed our fate! lol

had to laugh over the growing vegies and rice 24/7! I had no idea it was so hard to get kids into kindy- is it more like hoikuen? I know hoikuen can be difficult to find a place. I hope Marina goes well when she starts!

Haha at the cheese slicer!

Anonymous said...

When I worked in a hoikuen we always used to speculate about which parents weren't really going to work. Rocking up at 9:30am wearing tracksuit pants and picking the kids up whenever they felt like it always gave it away.

Don't feel guilty about all that cheesy goodness! It's full of calcium and surely that must be good for the bun!

Anonymous said...

Whoa this is your home... I thought you were living in Granny K's home... so she should go to the apt.. and I hope it is soon.... you deserve to be happy, just you and YOUR immediately fam.

Sara said...

Uggggg I can't help but get riled up for you when I read some of your Granny K posts. It is nice to know that you have hubs on your side. Who knows maybe you are accumulating major karma and will win the takarakuji one day.