Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The annual makes-no-sense move

Today the city office announced all the departmental moves. I got a phone call at 10:30 this morning from Hub. So didn't want to answer the phone - in hope that head in sand reaction would mean if I didn't acknowledge it it wouldn't actually happen.

As predicted hub has been moved to the main office. The pros and cons of this are...

1) ummmmmm, he isn't switching actual job roles - only offices. He will be in the tax department of the main office and not the Kunimi office so at least he knows the job. It will be his 8th year doing taxes.

2) He could take it to mean that the people above think he is good at doing taxes. Not really the type of department you can let people that don't know what they are doing stay in for long.

3) He gets a small pay rise because he is become a section chief (beat stomach). I found out tonight that actually this pay rise was implemented in January. I just didn't realise and obviously I don't keep the housekeeping books up to date!!

4) Remember the couple who are having the office fling - the woman is the mother of one of my English pupils and her hub is over in China on business. The man has been kicked out of home and his wife is the class teacher of the daughter of the woman he is shagging. Dallas. Anyhow, SHE is in the same office as hub (mine) will be in from April and HE has been moved (or rather moved himself seeing as his current job is to be in charge of department moves) to the office beside hub's. Soooo, hub is as excited as a four year old on Christmas eve. He will be able to probe for goss, see when they take their holidays, what time they come in and leave, whether they are using the same mugs still etc, and be able to make routine reports of his findings to the people in Kunimi interested in finding out the local goss. ie everyone.

1) The main office is an extra twenty five minutes away which will mean leaving at half seven in the morning and not getting back until 6pm at the absolute earliest ever - with more like seven or eight be standard I would think seeing as the plebs in the main office feel the need to work later. But this could be because they do actually have more work what with a bigger population to deal with and not just the four and a half thousand vestlings that Kunimi has.

2) The main 'pachinko' offender friend from Kunimi is also in the tax department in the main office. His wife knows he goes and is not as much of a pachinko nazi as I am.

3) Hub himself really wanted to change departments - to social welfare or education. He is over the tax man shite.

For those not in the know on civil servant type work in Japan - you apply to the town/city/prefecture office as a whole and not a particular job. You are routinely moved within the office or city so that over the course of your career you would have been in about five or six different job positions, sometimes more. The standard stay in one particular job is usually about three or four years. You get to put in a preference each year for the move but to date I can confirm that this means jack shit.

Hub tells me that if you stay in the same job for ten years you get a certificate from the prefectural office.

Yippi Yi Fuckin Yay.

Not quite the same as getting a letter from the Queen when you turn a hundred - or maybe it's the equivalent in Japanese civil servant terms.

Anyway, after mailing in the morning he then came home during his lunch - I think to check the Gaijin wife spazzing out guage. I had prepared myself for a move to the main office so I was actually quite calm - tranquilly so almost. He has decided to take a day off next week seeing as come April, and the big move, it will be harder to take his days off in lou for the work he has done in this office.

In other news today...

Well, actually yesterday, I got an email from an online baby store in New Zealand. I ordered a voucher for a friend who had her second son three weeks ago. Being the second son and all I didn't know what she didn't already have so it just seemed easier to do the voucher thing. The store said they had no record of my payment - that I had actually made the day I placed the order - by online bank transfer. There was a to and fro of emails between me and Emma, the nice girl in accounts or whatever. We reached the conclusion that yes, they had recieved the payment but that it was made from my account under my maiden name. Needless to say my bank got an extremely rude email from me. Silly inbred pleb wankers.

That aside, I got another email yesterday - from the place that took our professional pics while we were back in NZ. They are finished and can I please transfer one million dollars into their swiss bank account. Honestly, the price for a bit of cardboard with a cute kid on it. My sister is going to pick them up when she can and will send them over here. AND THEN I can wow the pants off you with the three very cute pics I have ordered. One of Shou, one of Marina (all fangs, baldness and big forehead) and one of the two of them where Marina is laughing like her brother has never pee-ed on her before - which I guess at that stage he hadn't!

That aside, I got another email yesterday - from my auntie (aka the family lawyer). Remember my granny who passed away, leaving us all a bit of dosh, some of which I used to make long, lengthy and painful donation of concrete walkway to Shou's kindy?? Well, it would seem that Granny B continues to give, give and give from the grave. Her estate has finally been rounded up and we all (all seventeen grandchildren) get another small contribution to the family housekeeping. Probably enough to fund a couple of foreign food orders from FBC, or purchase a box of English books for the town library - depending on how hormonal I feel at the time. Meaning of course that hormone overdose will almost probably most defiantely lead to purchasing random bits of chocolate and australian chedder from FBC instead of Learn your ABCs and Spot's first birthday.

That aside, I got another email yesterday - from MY lawyer. The one who told me never to go into business with your family. Wise words but too late now. My money is still sitting in my bank account and I have yet to hear diddly bloody squat from any of the family about things - well, until I rang my sister in desparation this afternoon. The business is still afloat and will probably need my injection of cash within the next month or so. It doesn't really matter when this happens as my bank manager lady knows about it and said I can do it all over the phone in ten minutes. I just would like to get it done and out of the way. The sooner the money is out of my hands and into theirs, the sooner I can start earning 10%. LOL - that's lots of orders of Australian Cheddar and a hell of a lot better than the 4% my bank would re-invest my money into.

So, that is about the goss for today I think.

Actually I lie, one more quick things.

I had my usual English class tonight - and it turns out next week will be our last. At the moment the junior high they go to is situated near their homes - which are only about fifteen minutes drive away. From April their school is closing down and they are moving to the city Junior High School and that will mean more travel. They will also be third years which means studying for high school entrance exams. Ah well, it means I can keep my ears open for another class, or I can spend Wednesday nights twiddling my thumbs. Or we could opt for weekly international relations meetings. No fun if the date is set but. Spur of the moment meetings so much more fun.

Right the lot of you. You must have nothing to do if you got this far.



Midori said...

Not nothing to do, just nothing I want to do so have been procrastinating instead! LOL! Ah the beauty of working in an office with internet.. ;-)

Shame that your hub hasn't been moved into a dept that he wants to work in. I have never understood the Japanese propensity for forcing people to do jobs that they have no interest in purely for the sake of "tenkin". I am not sure how the civil service works in the UK but I would assume that it is different and you get a small say in what kind of work you do. It is a shame that he will be working further away though. :-(

As for pachinko- that damn game was the bane of my life with my ex and one of the many reasons for the total break-down of our relationship. I don't understand the attraction but it always seemed like a horrible waste of time and money!

illahee said...

last year as yoshi was getting off a train, or bus, he got a packet of tissue advertising a opening in the munakata city hall. yoshi decided to apply because it was closer to home. i didn't really want him to take it because none of it was something he really wanted to do, and i was afraid of a pay cut.

at one point, he found out there were ten people applying for six jobs. he probably had a good chance, but...finally, he mentioned it to his parents and they talked him out of it. not that there's anything wrong with a civil servant job, and it would be nice to have him home at a decent hour, but he's been with his company for about ten years now, plus he gets home at a reasonable hour at this time. who knows about the future (he's been going to the city (fukuoka) for a year now, so i don't think he'll be transferred this year.)

thefukases said...

This is my least favourite time of year. I hate the uncertainty of it all and the fact that a little balding, tooth-sucking pachinko loving man decides the fate of our family (locations include Ishikawa, Taiwan or northern China....) with a tick of a box.

Glad yours has some pros aswell!

Oh and I worked in the BOE one year with two guys. One transferred in from Sewerage and the other from Land and infrastructure.... Not a fun year.

Sara said...

Ohhh.... the dreaded posting. We don't get to hear until Ryoheis first day... as if they are making sure he is coming before the give him the dreaded news of なになに課. Praying that whatever it is he will be out somewhat early since year one with just baby and me promises to be a hormonally good time.

I too am confused about the pachinko obbsession. Ryohei doesn't have one for that but apparently he LOVES slot games... which I think have an even worse win ratio. To piss me off sometimes he will pretend to try and walk into the pachinko/slot parlor as we go past one. *sigh*

Oh well... due to our America trip hubs has opened his eyes to the benefits of not living in Japan and a move for us back to my home country in 10 years or so is not out of the question provided *I* get to be the breadwinner (Again)

Looking forward to seeing your pics when they come!!

Reading about your consumption of Aussie Chedder has made me hungry for it again. Not to go into the details of something like cheese, but I seem to like the British type better. They had some Aussie cheese in the store here but it was sort of bitter the British is more nutty and rich.

Ok sorry for the blog/comment. Take care GW :)