Thursday, 26 March 2009

7 Things I Love

My second post for the day - means I am procrastinating. But not to worry, Marina will wake up soon and then it will be all go for the afternoon and evening.

Lulu has tagged me for the 7 Things I love meme - Being the naturally pessemistic person that I am, I am going to have to really think about this. Being pregnant also lets me get away with crap answers.

1. My children. They easily come first because they are still at the age where everything is new and exciting and a learning experience. Marina especially is at the cuddle as much as you want stage and hasn't got enough words yet to answer back or say 'mummy kirai' (I hate mummy) which Shou now pulls out everytime he gets in trouble!

2. My husband. As much as I harp on about the man he is still the man I chose to be with for better or for worse (even if I couldn't pronounce the Japanese properly when I was saying it). He pisses me off something chronic sometimes but for the best part we enjoy each others company, have great talks and good shaguddles - but that will pick up when I get back into not being so tired all the time and perhaps when I lose the with-baby belly and then the without-baby belly enough so can wrap legs round some more interesting places.

3. My friends. Where would we be without good friends? While most of my long term friends are back in New Zealand, I am lucky enough to have some good Japanese and foreign friends close by. Essential to survival in rural Japan - a sounding board for advice and venting frustration.

4. God, am I only up to number four. Um, the bunster. He didn't make the number one children cut because well, at the moment he is still just a cheese and bread absorbing lump in my tummy that keeps me peeing and awake all night. The further along I get the more excited I get about meeting him properly, holding and feeding a baby again, but also scared at the prospect of having to push another big half foreign head out into the world.

5. A nice clean house - my house isn't as clean as I like but I love it when it is at it's cleanest. I am looking forward to April and May when Marina will be in daycare too and I will have two months before the baby is due to nest and organize wardrobes, toys, kids clothes rah rah.

6. The quarterly lotto draws that keep me and hub in dreams about being able to have enough money to sort out other living arrangements for Granny K. Honestly, the amount of time and fun we have talking and getting excited over the prospect of winning. And half the time we don't even have tickets!!

7. Most foods and beverages starting with C. Cheese, Chips, Chuhai, Champers, Chocolate, Cheese, Cheese and Carbs.

Of course I love my family in New Zealand but the selfish hormonal pregnant woman in me only chose those things that have a direct affect on here and now. I love having my blog - a place to keep record of my life, rant, vent and rant some more. I also love having a toilet upstairs cause god knows having to do the stair thing five times a night at the moment would piss me off. I guess I take a lot of things for granted and I am sure my list would change if I suddently was unable to live the life I live and love (despite daily rants) so much.

I think I am meant to tag some more people. So, if you haven't had the meme already I would love to know what you love so much, Jo, TJKL, Illahe, Rachel, Sassymoo and Anchan. Sorry for not being able to add links but computer is acting like a hormonal pregnant woman. Fingers crossed it lets me save and post this.



Ruth said...

I'm definitely with you for the foods beginning with C. The world would be a sadder place without chuhai, cheese and carbs!

Lulu said...

Cheese nearly made my list...

Foods starting with C is a good one though- oh cheese how I love you! Not to mention chocolate, champagne, cookies, cake, chicken, carbs and oh I could go on!